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Coronavirus Lockdown 2.0-How to Stay Fit and Handle Pandemic Stress

The rise in Coronavirus numbers has raised fears of a second lockdown possibility. We cannot forget lockdown one imposed after the rapidly evolving pandemic raised concerns of community transmission. With the rapid increase in the number of cases, it is important to understand how important is our immunity and fitness to fight stress if there is a COVID-19 lockdown 2.0 imposed on the country.

Lockdown brings the stress of its own which ranges from self-isolation to an anxiety of the unknown, which may leave us to feel stressed and fearful. You are not alone, these feelings are completely normal at the present circumstances we are in, it is important to stay strong both physically and emotionally, here are some practical tips you can add to your wellbeing to ease out the Lockdown 2.0 stress

Get Adequate Sunlight

Sunlight does miracles to not only to your skin but to your bones too. We need light on our skin to make vitamin D besides sunlight also affects our mood keeping us happier. The best time to get sunlight is early morning when the rays are not that harsh.

Exercise Regularly

Physical exercise done every day is a great stress buster. Make sure you take time once a day for some stretching and exercise. Practicing social distancing you can opt for a virtual gym class online. If you have mobility issues, you can practice sitting stretches or chair exercises. The goal is to keep yourself active. For those practicing work from home make sure, you take a small break for five minutes between an hour of work.  

Avoid Too much of Social Media

It’s important to pause for a moment and stop comparing your life with others, which may cause added stress and a depression trigger. Especially when you surf through social media; which is full of achievements, the idea is to pause and stop those unnecessary comparisons, which may make you feel overwhelmed.

Accept the Facts

Being in a state of denial is a serious cause of stress. The faster you accept the reality the faster it will be to make curative precautions. Medical experts believe that denying only delays the process of adjustment. After you accept the seriousness of the Coronavirus pandemic you will be taking the required precautions like wearing a facemask, or practising safe hygiene and self-care.

Stay Connected

Even if a lockdown 2.0 is announced, fear not, stay indoors, practice social distancing and stay connected virtually with your near and dear ones. It’s good to talk with your loved ones and friends every day rather than keeping the stress, thoughts, and fears bottled up.


Many of us are glued to our phones round the clock on social media or news, which may lead to stress as discussed above. Instead of a neck strain due to an increase in the number of hours spent on the phone, consider starting your day with meditation.

Multiple pieces of research point that meditation eases depression and anxiety attacks. Practice a 10-minute meditation in the morning to calm yourself and make your immunity strong.

Drink Water

Drinking water especially during the humid monsoon season is not only good for the body but does wonders to your immunity too.  The amount of water you drink varies according to your age and dietary requirements.  The monsoon season brings humidity causing us to sweat more and thus lose the water content.

Make a point to sip water throughout the day even if you are not thirsty.  Adequate water boosts up mental health and will keep the lockdown 2.0 stress away.

Sleep on Time

When we are working from home, our sleeping time is the one most affected. Erratic work schedules, stress of taking care of children and elderly can lead to losing a track of time, subsequently decreasing your sleeping hours considerably.  Lack of sleep not only causes a headache the next day but it is harmful to your long-term health too.

It is really important to have a sleep schedule and strictly follow it every day. This will ensure you wake up comfortably the next day and stay more productive, which is a bonus to the well-being of your mental health keeping that COVID-19 lockdown 2.0 blues away.

Refer to Virtual Consultation

The month of July brings the onset of the monsoon season, with the occurrence of common monsoon diseases like malaria, dengue and gastrointestinal diseases, which may require medical consultation.

A physical visit to an infectious disease specialist may raise the fear of infectivity from surface contamination of the coronavirus. Consider speaking to a digital doctor for all monsoon diseases, through the Gigadocs app.

Gigadocs is a digital e-Healthcare app that assists you to understand the services offered and service delivery methods of Virtual Consultation and how does E-healthcare help you during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can book your digital doctor for seasonal flu, toothaches, and more serious chronic infections on the Gigadocs practice management app. It assists you to record your vitals live from the privacy of your home and share them with your digital doctor online over a virtual consultation. You can digitally store your prescriptions and healthcare records without the fear of losing them on the Gigadocs app.

Gigadocs is an intelligent practice management E-Healthcare app available to download on the play store and app store.

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