Fighting COVID-19 – Toothache Treatment with Tele-Dentistry Virtual Doctor Consultation

Few months ago, virtual consultation over the telephone or a video call seemed an alternative to those tied up with work or other commitments. While we all preferred a face to face consultation pre- COVID-19, Medicare delivery has changed post the pandemic has struck, crippling normal life out of gear. To mitigate the spread of COVID-19 infectivity, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has urged registered medical practitioners to conduct remote virtual consultations through the phone, video or messaging format.

As the world is shut, and medical infrastructure increasingly devoted to emergency care, telemedicine and virtual consultations have become increasingly more popular across the world. In response to the coronavirus pandemic, non-emergency surgeries across the world have being re-scheduled with limited in-person medical services available for consultations, regular check-ups, and follow-up appointments.

Though regular face to face medical appointments is missed, we must all understand that these appointment cancellations and rescheduling are done to facilitate protection against the deadly virus by helping to mitigate or even stop the potential spread of the pandemic.

For dental appointments a face to face consultation has traditionally been preferred, dentists in the current wave of the pandemic are increasingly shifting to a video virtual consultation that allows patients to consult their dentists for a painful toothache or a harmful cavity, from the safe comforts of their home.

Telemedicine and Dental Care

 Tele dentistry supports patient care delivery through the following-

  • Virtual Video Consultation: Digital Dentists consult over a live video in a two-way interaction attended between the patient (with caregiver) and the dentist.
  • Store-and-forward Consultation: This involves the transmission of recorded health information like photographs of the infected area, previous electronic health records through a secure electronic communications system to the dentist. Store and forward consultation assist a digital doctor to assess the tooth condition more minutely for an in-depth consultation.
  • Remote patient monitoring: Remote patient monitoring allows your tele-dentist to remotely monitor you through medical data collection for instance of your vitals through a practice management E-Healthcare app like Gigadocs

Gigdocs is a smart E-Healthcare application available on the app store and the play-store that can be leveraged to manage the complete healthcare of your family. Gigadocs helps you to digitally consult a virtual doctor, securely store your vitals and share them with your dentist on a virtual video call or a store and forward consultation.

Why should you adopt a Tele-Dentistry-Virtual Consultation?

Tele-Dentistry is the initial step towards a comprehensive consultation. Conducted virtually, tele-dentistry lets dentists know if their patients are facing any serious dental problems.

  • Tele-Dentistry is the initial step towards a comprehensive consultation. Conducted virtually, teledentistry lets dentists know if their patients are facing any serious dental problems.  
  • Tele-dentistry answers to concerns on toothaches, dental- pain, gums-swelling, removal of temporary crown, broken dentures, cracked or chipped or loose teeth, cold sores, falling of filling etc.  
  • Practising social distancing, teledentistry is used by parents to enquire about their kid’s teeth or gum related conditions.  
  • Teledentistry mitigates the risk of Coronavirus exposure, which a patient may contract while travelling to the dentist’s clinic. Teledentistry offers a safety mechanism to the dentists to help them stay in touch with their current patients during the challenging COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • Virtual medical consultation allows the dentist to triage emergency calls and determine the number of dental team members will be needed to treat emergency patients face-to-face at the clinic.  
  • Telemedicine solutions can help digital dentists prescribe clear instructions and medications via text or email to the patients in a secure format. This considerably reduces the chances of losing physical prescriptions over time.  
  • To consult a Tele-dentist, all you need is a steady internet connection and a tele dentist appointment on an intelligent practice management app like Gigadocs, which lets you manage the complete healthcare of your family, and book virtual digital doctors from the safety of your home.

Towards an Effective Virtual Doctor Consultation  

To ward off dangerous Coronavirus effects, Digital doctors are increasingly relying on the use of telecommunication technology to triage patients’ who need emergency care. Thus, as problem-focused evaluations and re-evaluations are available on a limited scope, most dentists believe to leverage telecommunication technology to interact with their patients.   

The following steps are paramount to conduct an effective virtual teledentistry consultation-  

  • Before the video consultation, digital dentists must request patients to have a flashlight handy.  
  • During the consultation, teledentist must request a family member of the patient to assist in holding the phone or retracting the cheek for diagnosis.

How to Consult a Tele Dentist?

To consult a teledentist on the Gigadocs app you need stable internet, mobile device or a computer with video chat capabilities. To begin your teleconsultation, follow these easy steps –

  • Download the Gigadocs app from the App Store or Play Store.
  • Check the availability of teledentists which suits your schedule.  
  • Book an appointment with your digital dentist registered on the Gigadocs app.
  • For an accurate diagnosis, share your electronic consent over an email or a call to your teledentist to view your electronic health records and vitals.
  • Once your digital dental appointment is scheduled, you will receive your appointment details and a confirmation over an e-mail or text message from the Gigadocs app.
  • On the date of your appointment, if your teledentist is not available due to any medical emergencies, you can consult other dentists available online from a dedicated team of teledentists registered on the Gigadocs app.

Download Gigadocs app-

Gigadocs is an intelligent practice management software, with customised digital medicare solutions to help you with your complete family’s healthcare needs. Gigadocs E-Healthcare app helps you with complete health record maintenance solutions, like secure storage of your digital records, digital prescription solutions suited to your requirements.  Download the Gigadocs E-Healthcare app from-

To know more and schedule a Virtual Consultation demo, e-mail, at

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