Virtual Consultation help you during COVID-19

How Does E- Healthcare and Virtual Consultation Help you During COVID-19 Pandemic?

COVID-19 virus has wreaked havoc around the world, infecting millions and raising fears of uncertainty. As a consequence, Governments have imposed stringent social distancing and lockdown measures to control the spread and contain the pandemic. This has left, those with medical priorities for routine check-ups and other chronic diseases in a quandary. Amidst rising fears of disease infectivity from contaminated surfaces, people have turned their dependency on technology. Technology powered virtual consultation has stepped up into the spotlight aiding healthcare provider organizations, doctors, and patients with digital consultations aired at the safe environs of a hospital/clinic straight to a patient’s home.  

Coronavirus pandemic has forced lockdowns and increased reliance in the field of telemedicine, which includes specialized consultations not only with general practitioners but with the specialist’s into Oncology, Cardiology, and others.

E-Healthcare and COVD-19

E-healthcare has emerged as an effective preventive solution to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Telehealth technologies are bringing people, physicians, healthcare systems together, especially asymptomatic Coronavirus patients, to stay at home and consult specialists through video or audio channels, helping to reduce the spread of the virus among the patients and frontline emergency workers.

Coronavirus has put immense pressure on the demand for doctors for infectious disease consultation and other chronic seasonal diseases. The fear of contracting the pandemic gets a multitude higher for the fear of contamination through infected surfaces. Technology has made it possible to reach doctors without needing to visit the clinic. The benefits for patients and emergency workers are described as below-

Virtual Consultation- Benefits for Patients

  • Convenience

The ease of consulting a doctor at your convenient timing is the most salient benefit offered by Virtual Consultation. As offices are closed and work from home, becomes the new normal, medical convenience has assumed pivotal importance. All you need is the internet, a phone or a laptop/ tablet to discuss your symptoms to your digital doctor and a convenient space at your home where you can speak comfortably.

  • Saves Travel

Digital consultation saves travel time and the risk of catching the infection during travel or other patients at the clinic. Speak with highly trained medical professionals without moving from your seat. Telemedicine healthcare is especially useful if your condition reduces your mobility.

  • Digital Prescription

Tele-healthcare lets you speak to your digital doctor and discuss your symptoms for prescriptive medication. An intelligent practice management app like Gigadocs shares a digital prescription at the end of your E-Doctor consultation in a secure digital format.

  • Follow-up appointment Notification

Telehealthcare apps like Gigadocs never let you miss your follow up appointment. Gigadocs sends you a text notification for your follow-up appointment on the morning of your appointment date. Thus E-Healthcare app like Gigadocs ensures you consult your digital doctor as per schedule.  

  • Learn About Your Health

In a Virtual consultation, you have to examine yourself and discuss the symptoms with your digital doctor. This lets you learn about your health and understand what factors affect your well-being. For instance, for a neck and back pain consultation, you need to check your muscles and joints.

  • Decreases your risk of catching Infections

Visiting a clinic or a hospital means you are traveling to a location surrounded by sick people especially when your immune system is down. At a face to face visit, you may end up sitting for hours at the clinic increasing your probability of catching all kinds of diseases and infections.

Virtual Consultation- Benefits for Doctors

World Health Organization has advised hospitals and healthcare clinics to promote the use of telemedicine technologies like virtual doctor visits over a video call or a phone call. E-Healthcare benefits doctors and nurses by potentially reducing the burden on already overstressed medical infrastructure. The goal is to keep the worried-ill out of medical facilities, where they might be exposed to illnesses.

Face to face consultations potentially increase the risk for doctors and medical staff as well. Infectious diseases like seasonal flu have a high rate of transmission, and Patients may infect medical practitioners too in a live clinical consultation.

Reaching out to a Virtual Consultant

COVID-19 has initiated significant changes in the global healthcare system, with significant-high adoption towards digital technology enabling people to stay connected with their doctors during the pandemic. Patients can reach to their Virtual Consultants by booking a digital appointment on the Gigadocs app. To begin a virtual consultation, follow the below simple steps-

  • Ensure you have a stable internet connection for booking an appointment and consulting with your doctor over a video call.
  • Check the availability of digital doctors convenient to your time.  
  • Choose to book an appointment with your doctor based on their availability.
  • Give your digital doctor the consent to view your electronic health records and vitals.
  • Book a digital appointment, according to your convenient time and date.
  • Once you have made the digital appointment, Gigadocs will share the appointment details and a reminder on the Gigadocs app.
  • If your doctor is not available on the specified date due to any medical emergencies, you can consult doctors available online from a dedicated team of medical professionals registered on the Gigadocs app.

With the Coronavirus pandemic growing more lethal, Virtual consultation is here to stay. With lifestyle changes, E-Healthcare will likely remain a popular option for in-personal consultation for chronic and non-chronic diseases.

Book a virtual consultation today on the Gigadocs app which lets you manage the healthcare of your family and loved ones. Gigadocs offers you a secure platform to store your medical records, track your vitals, and consult live with your digital doctor over a virtual appointment.

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