World Thinking Day: How can teleconsultation help us to overcome stress?

“Thinking” is a tiny little word and activity we do every moment, consciously or unconsciously! Ever wondered why we think? The answer is simple: thinking helps us understand and interpret the information we receive and thereby lets us develop strategies to make informed choices. Thinking is essential to survival, learning, and overall growth and development. […]

National Deworming Day: How can you tell if your child’s stomach has worms?

Over one-third of the world’s population is infected by worms, with children experiencing the most severe infections. Long-lasting and chronic stomach infections can severely impact a child’s development in all areas, including health, nutrition, cognitive growth, learning, educational access, and performance. On this National Deworming Day, let’s learn more about the importance of deworming for […]

How can digital consultation help in faster recovery post-hospitalization?

A long hospital stay.. Sounds stressful? You’ll be eager to return to your house once your condition improves. Yet, leaving the hospital does not imply that you are entirely recovered. Instead, it’s only the following stage in your recovery process. In this blog, we discuss what precautions you and your caregivers must take to help […]

Safer Internet Day- Tips to secure your password and your health records

What initially enters your thoughts when you hear the month of February? Right, it’s Valentine’s Day. February is not just about celebrating love; it’s also about using the internet safely. Maintaining data security in health research is crucial since it necessitates gathering, storing, and utilizing substantial volumes of individually identifiable health information, much of which […]

Intellectual Disabilities: How can digital consultation provide inclusive healthcare?

Education serves as both a stand-alone health support mechanism and a growth accelerator. Health and well-being are built on a foundation of high-quality education. People need information in this informative age to stay healthy and productive. Education and Inclusive Healthcare People who are healthy and well-educated contribute to thriving economies, which are essential conditions for […]

Data Protection Day: Why is data privacy important in healthcare?

Trust is one of the cornerstones of the healthcare system. Patients must believe that the individuals and institutions delivering them care have their best interests in mind. When visiting a doctor, patients frequently divulge information about themselves that they might not otherwise. Patients must have faith that their healthcare provider won’t provide that information to […]

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