National Deworming Day and Intestinal Worm Infection in Children

Often children complain of stomach aches and discomfort. One of the main causes of these stomach aches are helminth infections or intestinal parasites like worms. These parasites live in your child’s intestine and feed on their nutrition making them sick.   Roundworms, pinworms, tapeworms, and hookworms cause stomach troubles when your child begins his/her preschool. […]

Covid Safety Precautions for Children when School College Reopen

Schools and Colleges are not just learning institutions, they are a crucial support system for students to aid in their mental wellbeing and physical growth.   However, Covid changed all of that, this pandemic forced schools and colleges to shut down and children to continue their studies from home, with no outdoor activities or bonding with […]

Symptoms of Cancer and Cancer Treatment this World Cancer Day

Cancer- considered as one of the deadliest killers across the world, it is dreaded all across geographies. Ever wondered how Cancer occurs? Our body functions are coordinated by billions of cells, forming the basis of our existence. In the beginning, we all started life as a single piece of a cell, that multiplied to form […]

World Leprosy Day- Leprosy Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Leprosy-many people think of it is an ancient disease eradicated many years ago. However, the opposite is true, as each year, thousands of men, women, and children get diagnosed with leprosy. Though Leprosy treatment is available for free, yet it is infamous for being known as one of the world’s most stigmatized diseases.  No wonder, leprosy […]

Types of Cancer in Kids, Cancer Symptoms and Cancer Treatment

About 300,000 children aged 0 to 19 years are annually diagnosed with cancer. Cancer often termed as a silent killer, is a leading cause of death among all age-groups worldwide. The most common type of cancer that attacks kids includes leukaemia, brain cancer, lymphomas, and solid tumors (neuroblastoma and Wilms tumour). About 80% of children affected by […]

Army Day 2021: How to Stay Fit like an Indian Army Solider?

Indian Armed Force personnel stand tall and guard the country against any threat. Indian soldiers are known for their never say die attitude and highest levels of fitness and wellbeing. Even if their weapons fail their fitness and dedication toward the nation inspire many. The super-fit Indian soldiers will cover a sprint with ease or carry […]

Celebrating Youth empowerment this National Youth Day

Youth are the building blocks of a progressive nation. They can be a positive development force when empowered with the right knowledge and opportunities. Young minds contributed to about 18% of the global population (1.2 billion people) in 2019. They are the leaders of tomorrow and represent the most dynamic population segment in any country.   The […]

World Braille Day: Vision Loss, Symptoms and Preventive Tips

Going blind is one of the greatest fears’ that patients with eye diseases fear across the world. Slowing down the entire process begins with understanding the causes, symptoms, preventive measures, and available treatments. Partial or Total Vision loss affects about 300 to 400 million globally, of this 80% of vision loss affects seniors alone.   Vision loss, […]

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