Virtual Healthcare, Telemedicine Technology, and Digital Consultation

Fighting Coronavirus with Virtual Healthcare, Telemedicine Technology, and Digital Consultation

Digital Consultation over the phone or video conferencing has been around for a long time now, the recent COVID-19 outbreak has led to a tremendous increase in the popularity of telemedicine technology. The adoption of virtual healthcare has catapulted since the outbreak of Coronavirus and preventive lockdown measures announced by governments across the world.

According to Forrester Research, virtual doctors and telemedicine interactions will cross a mammoth 1 billion by this year-end. From face to face consultations to Telemedicine care, digital consultation will rapidly expand on usage during the Coronavirus pandemic.  

How has Coronavirus brought a change in Medical Consultation

Telemedicine technology has been the survivor for Coronavirus high-risk category of asthmatics, heart disease patients, or dialysis patients. You can consult an infectious disease specialist, gastroenteritis specialist, or even a cardiologist in minutes through a mobile app, phone call or online on laptop/ desktop or a tablet from the comfort of your home.

With the rapid increase in the number of Covid-19 positive cases, there is a fear among all about the spread of the disease. Physicians encourage telemedicine consultation to treat more patients, reduce the infection spread without any compromise on the quality of care.

Telemedicine is Becoming an Increasingly Indispensable Tool

Medical care professionals have advocated a strong push for those patients who have mild symptoms for chronic and non-chronic diseases. Telehealthcare facilities including telehealth platforms alleviate the stress on healthcare services.

As the seasons change, the growing number of respiratory illnesses and flu increase the stress on medical practices, Digital consultation allows patients to practice social distancing, reduces the spread of infectivity, and protects healthcare workers.

  • Patients can consult Doctors irrespective of their Location

Remote Virtual Consulting lets patients consult a medical specialist irrespective of their location. For those who live in remote areas, and have limited Medicare access, telehealth technology helps them consult digital doctors and distinguish between seasonal flu and the deadly Coronavirus which has infected over 3 million people worldwide.  

  • Ease of Consultation

Virtual consultation lets patients connect with a medical specialist at a time that is convenient for them. Telemedicine consultation can be booked on a video call when the first signs of illness appear. For an effective diagnosis, digital doctors have to connect their medical devices to a videoconference call, prescriptive medications can be sent to a patient over the email or remotely to the patient’s local pharmacy.  

Those who show serious conditions in their follow–up appointments can be scheduled for a face to face consultation or referred to specialists.  

  • Controls the spread of COVID-19

There is currently no vaccine available for Coronavirus, the best way, in this case, is to avoid exposure to the infection. Telemedicine controls the spread of the COVID-19 infection, by letting patients stay safe at their home and seek medical consultation.  This saves them from spreading/ or picking up the COVID-19 infection from the surfaces, for instance transportation, their doctor’s waiting room, or the way back home.

Telemedicine saves healthcare providers who attend to patients, also helping in the prompt detection and effective isolation of potentially infectious patients.

E-Health Telemedicine Specialties

Few of the medical specialists have been early adopters to telemedicine technology, resulting in several niche telehealth specialists. Here are the top niche telemedicine specialists-

Telemedicine StreamVirtual Consultation Speciality
  Tele-Radiology One of the earliest fields of telemedicine, Teleradiology solutions offers medical providers to send a patient’s X-rays and medical records to a radiologist to get a specialist consultation. 
  Tele-Obstetrics Tele obstetrics help with remote prenatal care. For instance, recording a baby’s vital developments and forwarding to a specialist obstetrician for diagnosis. 
  Tele-Ophthalmology Teleophthalmology solutions lets ophthalmologists examine patients’ eyes or check-in treatments from a remote location. Eye-infection is a common example of Teleophthalmology consultation
 Tele-Psychiatry This immensely popular field of telemedicine allows psychiatrists to remotely consult patients on behavioral health services. 
 Tele-Pathology Pathologists share high-resolution images and videos to a pathologist for research and diagnosis. 
 Tele-Rehabilitation Telerehabilitation solutions allow medical professionals to consult on rehabilitation services for instance physiotherapy remotely. 
  Tele-Nephrologists Tele-Nephrologists are kidney specialists who consult on chronic kidney infections. Often used inter-professionally, Tele-Nephrologists give valuable second-view when a family physician needs to consult about a patient with kidney disease.
  Tele-Dermatology Digital Dermatologists consult on Tele-Dermatology solutions, a patient can send a photo of a skin infection, for instance, acne breakouts, sunburn, allergy, blisters, for remote diagnosis.  
  Tele-Oncology Tele oncologists consult cancer patients either through store-and-forward tools to forward images for diagnosis or through a direct remote consultation where the cancer patients interact with oncologists on live video platforms.

How can you book a Digital Doctor?

Telemedicine, E-healthcare and consulting a digital doctor from the comfort of your home offers personalized access to care, saving valuable time and expense, easing the pressure on the medical professionals and helping physicians and patients stay safe from Coronavirus.

As we fight the deadly Coronavirus, seasonal flu and pollen allergies, E-Healthcare and Virtual Healthcare are here to stay for long.

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