Doctors Day: Digital Telemedicine- The Changing Phase of Medical Consultation.

The internet can provide us with valuable information at times, but it can also lead to inadequate knowledge, which many of you may have already experienced. Nowadays, a new trend is noticed among people: they start googling their symptoms and treatments on the internet without first verifying their authenticity. Even patients who visit doctors research […]

National Technology Day: The benefits of technology in patient care and digital consultation.

In the medical field and healthcare, technology plays a critical role. Medical devices such as blood glucose meters, smart inhalers, pulse oximeters, wireless brain sensors, insulin pumps, digital thermometers, and other technological devices and equipment for improving patient health care have redefined healthcare. For instance, IT systems specific for healthcare, can now allow data collection […]

How to Prevent Covid Depression this World Suicide Prevention Day

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body COVID-19 is posing a new threat to mental health around the world. Individual and societal health, besides socio-emotional competence, are all threatened by the COVID-19 pandemic. Mental Health Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic COVID-19 has had a significant impact on mental health around the world, triggering anxiety, […]

How is Digital Consultation Transforming Healthcare?

The current seasonal change from winter to spring to summer invite seasonal diseases like flu, stomach infections and body aches.  Telemedicine consultation empowers you to seek answers to all your health-related questions, medical advice, or an opinion or diagnosis in just a few clicks without stepping out from your home.   E-Healthcare apps like Gigadocs offer […]

Digital Healthcare Promises Universal Health Coverage to All

Even Primary healthcare services are not available to everyone. Statistics suggests that at least half of the world’s population is not covered by essential healthcare care facilities. Besides over 100 million people are pushed to extreme poverty due to expenses on healthcare facilities which was simply beyond their reach.    The Covid pandemic has added to […]

The Lifecycle of Coronavirus Pandemic: Covid-19- From Infection to Recovery

Coronavirus replicates and spreads exponentially through its lifecycle.Covid-19 symptoms can come up, in an infected person who can transmit the virus very easily to others, by sneezing or by not following social distancing and quarantine practices.  Covid-19 lifecycle carries its course from incubation to recovery as described under The entire lifecycle of the virus can be […]

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