The benefits of technology in patient care and digital consultation

National Technology Day: The benefits of technology in patient care and digital consultation.

In the medical field and healthcare, technology plays a critical role. Medical devices such as blood glucose meters, smart inhalers, pulse oximeters, wireless brain sensors, insulin pumps, digital thermometers, and other technological devices and equipment for improving patient health care have redefined healthcare. For instance, IT systems specific for healthcare, can now allow data collection for public health disease surveillance, can be used in quality management, and reporting its impact on patientcare outcomes and doctor supervision in the medical field.

Technology in Healthcare can improve follow-up for diagnostic testing, missed appointments, and consultations of the patient. While patient engagement tools improve patient involvement, they also raise data reliability concerns. The use of non-password-protected portable devices makes the patient records vulnerable to privacy invasion that needs to be addressed as a priority.

On this National Technology Day, let us learn about the benefits of health information technology.

  • Electronic Health Records- Electronic health records are now used by most specialists. The ability to store and retrieve data and quickly communicate patient information in a legible format; has improved medical safety. Technology has even made it possible for increased legibility, the ease of retrieving patient information and reducing the risk of medication errors.
  • Communication Systems – Various digital devices for patients placed within the admitted patients room or hospital wards help with accessible communication. Patients can press the button on these devices in an emergency prompting the doctor to reach the patients and save their lives without wasting time.
  • Improving Patient care – There are numerous technological devices and equipment that have improved patient care or treatment. New technological devices such as MR systems, electronic IV monitors, portable defibrillators, and drug management technology have improved patient care.
  • Patients’ Electronic Health Records- Patients’ health records are now stored in a database or on cloud servers. Why? Because it is faster to keep records on a computerized system than on paper and easier to access.

Hospitals with Telemedicine

In hospitals, telehealth is advancing consumer-driven healthcare. Hospitals utilize telehealth in various ways, connecting patients with specialists, managing chronic diseases such as diabetes, collecting patient vitals, etc. Hospital telehealth is a growing and an evolving field with numerous patient benefits, including:

  • Patients can check lab results, upload vitals (like blood pressure, and heart rate), request medication refills, and schedule appointments using secure online portals. Even get notified on appointments, vaccines, and test reminders.
  • Providers can use video apps designed specifically video consultations, such as Gigadocs, downloaded from the App or Play store.
  • Patients can send vitals like blood pressure, glucose, and heart rate vitals to an app that providers and patients can access. As a result of remote monitoring, healthcare providers can collect vital health information without bringing patients to a medical facility.
  • Telehealth apps help healthcare providers with various services, such as video chats, scheduling, and at-home testing.

Telehealth Provides Access to Specialists

Tele-healthcare helps with remote patient monitoring, urgent care, primary and specialty care, presurgical consultations, pediatrics, and chronic care benefiting the patients. Patients can make appointments with specialists outside of their region using digital health apps, like Gigadocs, and avail remote consultation via phone or video.

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