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Digital Healthcare Promises Universal Health Coverage to All

Even Primary healthcare services are not available to everyone. Statistics suggests that at least half of the world’s population is not covered by essential healthcare care facilities. Besides over 100 million people are pushed to extreme poverty due to expenses on healthcare facilities which was simply beyond their reach.   

The Covid pandemic has added to the woes of universal healthcare facilities for all, threatening our decades of progress. It has caused a dent in the global delivery of essential healthcare services, pressurising resources, and putting a brake on decades of public health care initiatives.

Moreover, with all the healthcare efforts concentrated on the control of the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a rampant slow-down and setbacks have been observed in the delivery of critical health services and meeting globally agreed Medicare targets. This includes meeting the initiatives to boost immunization, addressing the needs of maternal, elderly and child healthcare.

Meeting the Goals of Universal Healthcare

Lack of universal access to quality and affordable healthcare services endangers the very fabric of a country’s progress, making it vulnerable to pandemic uncertainties. Without the availability of universal healthcare coverage, countries that are fighting the perils of non-communicable diseases would find themselves increasingly challenged to meet the healthcare coverage gaps bought by the pandemic.

Thus, to make healthcare accessible to all, there is an urgent need for skilled health workers and policymakers who are committed to investing in universal health. To promote the global message of universal healthcare, the importance of availing quality services for one’s healthcare and the health of their families assumes paramount importance.

International Universal Health Coverage Day  

To promote public access to healthcare, the United Nations General Assembly annually observes 12th. December as Universal Health Coverage Day. This day aims to raise awareness for universal health coverage, calling on leaders to make smarter investments in health and encourages diverse groups to meet universal healthcare availability objectives by 2030.  

Universal health coverage ensures that quality healthcare is available and accessible to all without suffering any financial hardship while paying for those services. Universal health coverage calls for an efficient, well-run health system that integrates financial health services, access to essential medicines, and well-trained and motivated healthcare workers.

Digital Health for Universal Healthcare

Digital Health comes as a blessing to achieve the goals of universal healthcare. Telehealth, powered by phone, video consultations lets the patients speak with their doctors from the privacy and safety of their home. Digital health comes with several benefits, which includes-

  1. Access to health care services especially to those located in far-flung areas,  
  2. The safe and superior quality of healthcare products and services.
  3. Enhanced knowledge delivery among healthcare workers.
  4. Cost savings in healthcare delivery.
  5. Enhanced access to social, economic, and environmental health determinants.

More people now live within well-networked areas making telehealth reach more available and accessible. Given the fact that there are over eight billion mobile phone subscriptions globally, and over 95% of the world’s population now has access to mobile networks, digital healthcare is within the reach of all.

Universal Healthcare with Gigadocs

Digital healthcare and telehealth facilities have already broken down the reach of traditional healthcare practices by creating patient-centric healthcare eco-systems. Telehealthcare assumes greater importance in this pandemic, especially when reaching out face to face with a doctor comes with its Covid-19 infectivity scare. 

Telehealth facilities like the one provided by the Gigadocs practice management app help to eliminate infectivity fears of the pandemic, reduce wait times, and save time on transportation. Reaching out to a registered doctor on the phone, over a call or a video was never that easy. In this way, Gigadocs plays an important role to improve universal access to healthcare for patients in urban and rural locations

Leading digital health solutions from Gigadocs include-

  • Child Immunization Schedule

Gigadocs Vaccination Schedule Chart lets parents track the immunization schedule of their new-born by giving their child’s complete vaccination schedule based on their date of birth.

  • Digital Prescription

Gigadocs digital prescription securely saves all the medical records. Now no more search for the lost prescriptions. Gigadocs lets users access their healthcare records at their convenience, without any fear of losing them.

  • Appointment Reminder

In our busy schedule, we may miss out on medical appointments, which won’t happen with Gigadocs. It shares all the appointment details over message notifications to the users.

  • Vitals Tracking

Users can store and update their vitals on the Gigadocs app. Subsequently, they can share them on a real-time basis with their doctors over a digital consultation.

  • Performance Analytics

Gigadocs lets registered doctors track the performance of their clinic by sharing intelligent insights. The Gigadocs app converts clinic data (like footfall) to business intelligence, which gives the new age clinics an edge over their competition.

  • Expense Management

Gigadocs app lets medical professionals analyze and manage expenses related to their clinic. They can manage their expenses both recurring and one time for greater operational efficiencies.

  • Doctor Calendar

Gigadocs gives a customized appointment calendar for every doctor, helping them plan their day accordingly.

Consult seasonal infectious diseases, orthopedic specialists, dentists, pediatricians from the comfort and privacy of your home. Download the Gigadocs app and book supervised telemedicine consultation for yourself and your family.

To know more and schedule a Virtual Consultation demo, e-mail, at

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