Advantages of Virtual Consultation

Virtual Consultation Helps Children Remotely Care for Their Parents During Covid-19

How can Digital consultation help you to Take Care of your Parents?

Coronavirus has assumed a gigantic pandemic shape. Millions affected and thousands of dead, the pandemic has affected people from all the nook and corners of life. With the OPD services of hospitals closed until further notice, the elderly, many of whom suffer from chronic diseases whose children are staying in other cities and towns are left in the quandary.

Elderly need special care concerning their regular follow up visits and critical medical procedures. To ease the current situation, healthcare providers are offering virtual consultation or telemedicine visits which are no-contact and safe from the risk of coronavirus infectivity for the elderly.  

To ease the situation in such a scenario, primary healthcare providers are shifting to virtual healthcare and telemedicine consultations in which the elderly can consult a digital doctor through their phones or a video call from the comfort and safety of their homes.

Since elders are in the high coronavirus risk group, government has urged the elderly, especially those above 60 yrs. of age to particularly stay at home, and avoid going to hospitals until there is an emergency. In these conditions, telemedicine consultation can prove to be a trusted consultation partner for them.  

Virtual Consultation and Wellbeing

Virtual Consultation offers 4C’s of care delivery, which are built around a customer’s well-being. Telemedicine consultation can drive continuity for care setting, connectivity, coordination linking all stakeholders and continuous care from well-being to post consultation medication.  

Telemedicine is redefining healthcare helping people talk to digital doctors anytime, from anywhere. Virtual doctors, believe that virtual health consultations can help elderly consult specialists for chronic and critical health conditions. Children who are staying away from their home for work or education can be assured about their parent’s health conditions, by booking a digital appointment for them on the Gigadocs app.  

Gigadocs is a smart practice management software, available on the app store and the play store helping elderly parents to continue their regular weekly or monthly check-ups for lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and heart problems. To assure medical continuity, digital doctors are taking care of their patients through video consultations by asking them for their vitals like blood pressure readings and pulse rates and then assisting them with medical advice.

Advantages of Virtual Consultation  

Telemedicine Consultation offers its advantages-

  1. No Wait Time-You don’t have to wait for specialist’s consultation. You can book them according to your parent’s convenient time and availability.
  2. Convenient Digital Consultation-Telemedicine consultation is convenient and cost saving. The average cost of a specialist consultation is much lesser than an in-personal visit for critical disease like seasonal dizziness, sore throat and the flu. 
  3. Best suited for Initial Care- Telemedicine is best suited for initial consultation; you can also speak to specialists themselves and be re-assured about your parent’s health and well-being. Besides you can also access digital prescriptions and your parent’s critical reports stored online, for instance on the Gigadocs app.
  4. Seamless Second medical Opinion- Digital consultation assists you to get a second opinion of doctors. Gigadocs stores the medical reposts and prescriptions online thus it is easier to access them from anywhere and discuss other doctors from other cities online. This helps you to access the best healthcare for your parents.

Digital Doctor Consultation

  • Common Illnesses 

You can receive immediate care for seasonal infectivity like minor colds, cough, ear concerns, headaches, flu, sore throat, sinus or allergy issues.

  • Skin Irritations and Allergies

As parents grow their skin changes and so is the skin irritation susceptibility. If you are concerned about your parents’ minor cuts, bruises, minor infections, rashes, eczema, scabies? Gigadoc’s telemedicine specialists are available to evaluate your parents online.

  • Gastro Concerns

As parents age, their digestive system slowly experiences some difficulties to digest food, thus gastro problems are very common among the elderly. If your parents face persistent constipation, acidity, diarrhoea, heartburn wait no more and speak to an online doctor on the Gigadocs app about their health without letting them leave home.

Virtual Consultation with Gigadocs

At Gigadocs, we believe in providing the best of medical care with experienced, digital doctors. Our licensed medical specialists registered on the Gigadocs app are available to connect through live video and phone. You can have your parent’s prescriptions sent directly to your mail, thus the possibility of losing prescriptions is not even a problem.  

Gigadocs is available to download from the Appstore and Play store-

Book a Virtual Consultation- Download Gigadocs app from-

To know more and schedule a Virtual Consultation demo, e-mail, at

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