Know your appointments on the go


Suggest medical reports to patients and view them online


Trace all your expenses with accuracy, fool-proof accounting

Online Prescription

Easy to update prescription with a click and send it to Patient’s Email id

Events and News

Let your friends and colleagues know about your achievements and updates

Inventory Management

Inventory management Maintain accuracy in inventory orders and organized warehouse


Gigadocs offers you a best practice management software. With all advanced features like appointment management, calendar, events and news, inventory management and expense management. You can access your account anytime, anywhere. Our mission is to provide integrated ecosystem with industry standards. With our advanced practice management software you can do administer activities with ease.

  • Easy appointment scheduling
  • Maintain digital patient records
  • Get discovered by patients anywhere
  • Know events and news in medical world
  • One click dynamic invoice
  • Manage clinic notes, files, x-rays and clinical reports
  • A stringent data security


Gigadocs derive its name from ‘Giga’ (billion) and ‘Doctors’. Our aim is to bring billion+ doctors under one roof and create an ecosystem where every doctor and clinic can use our software with ease. User equipped with a User ID can access our software which doesn’t require any training. Our focus is to give reliable, flexible, seamless, convenient yet an affordable software to doctors and clinics. We are providing clinic software with features like appointment management, online reports, Inventory management, expense management and calendar.

Vision and Mission

To create the best online ecosystem for doctors and clinics


Contact Information

Unit 3,Ganeesham-D,BRT road,Govind garden chowk,Pimplesaudagar,Pune ,Pin-411027


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