Covid-19- From Infection to Recovery

The Lifecycle of Coronavirus Pandemic: Covid-19- From Infection to Recovery

Coronavirus replicates and spreads exponentially through its lifecycle.Covid-19 symptoms can come up, in an infected person who can transmit the virus very easily to others, by sneezing or by not following social distancing and quarantine practices.  Covid-19 lifecycle carries its course from incubation to recovery as described under

The entire lifecycle of the virus can be segmented into-

  • Covid-19 Incubation
  • Covid-19 Testing
  • Covid-19 Symptom identification
  • Covid-19 Quarantine
  • Covid-19 Recovery/ Mortality  

Covid-19 Incubation

After a person is infected by Covid-19 they undergo a period of infectivity by the coronavirus. As the virus spreads through a patient’s body, it may or may not show symptoms. However, the moment the symptoms start is marked the incubation stage. The incubation stage can be characterized as-

  • 50% of the infected begin showing symptoms within 5.1 days after infection,
  • 47.5% start to show symptoms from 5-11 days after being infected,
  • 2.5% show Covid-19 symptoms after 11.5 days making them carriers without their knowledge for the beginning 1-10 days of the virus lifecycle.

Covid-19 Testing Parameters

 CostResult TimeMedical InterventionTestingConcerns
Anti-Body Test Rs500 approx., 20-30 minutesNo need for a medical staffTests for Anti-virus May give false reports
NAT TestRs2800+60 minutesNo need for a trained staffMaximum 4 tests can be doneGives accurate results
RT-PCR TestRs450024 hrsNeeds a medical staff, tests directly for the virusHigh specificity rateGives accurate results

Testing is the most difficult stage because a patient can be asymptomatic and indistinguishable from a healthy person. The kind of test also matters depending on the anti-body test, NAT teat, or the RT-PCR Test.  However, Anti-body and NAT test are not accurate, and it may happen that the infected patient may not show up positive results when tested by them.

For initial consultations, a patient may contact their digital doctors over a phone call or a video meeting, to minimize the infectivity and the transmission scare. Gigadocs is a smart practice management app, that bridges the gap between patients and digital doctors.

The subsequent examinations can be carried out at the Covid-19 marked designated hospitals and clinics.

Covid-19 Symptoms Identification

During the symptomatic stage if a person starts to develop mild to moderate dry cough, fever, tiredness, or/ and breathing difficulties they must not ignore it as a monsoon cold and flu. Covid-19 symptoms may intensify which may require hospitalization worsening to a critical state, that needs an ICU ventilation for continued breathing support.

Studies affirm that about 80% of patients would develop mild to moderate Covid-19 symptoms while 14% will develop severely and 6% will have critical symptoms. In the symptomatic stage, transmission happens from day one till 7 to day 12 for more severe symptoms.

Covid-19 Quarantine

To restrict the growth of the pandemic, patients are sent for a 14-day quarantine and for a comprehensive test if suspected of COVID-19 infection. Covid-19 virus is the most dangerous at the incubation stage, where it replicates and has the highest transmission percentage.

Covid-19 Recovery/ Mortality

Every disease has a lifecycle, and even Covid-19 does. In this current situation, the mortality rate of Covid-19 can be calculated after the end of the epidemic. The entirety of data after the pandemic can tally the number of deaths to calculate the infection fatality rate (IFR). However, being a growing pandemic Covid-19 lifecycle has its particularities, which makes containment of the pandemic more difficult.

Prescriptive Virtual Consultation for Covid-19

The number of Covid-19 cases is rapidly increasing with each passing day. To mitigate the coronavirus infectivity, we must follow practice social-distancing, wear face masks when we step outside. As we stay indoors, virtual consultations have replaced traditional face to face appointments.  Covid-19 spread. Digital consultation can be availed from the privacy of your home on the Gigadocs app

If you are experiencing any symptoms that relate to Coronavirus, consult a digital doctor, and discuss with them. You may share the record of your vitals like blood pressure, temperature, heart rate for an accurate consultation. Gigadocs practice management app never lets you miss your follow–up appointments, by sending you reminders of your next appointment details over message notifications.

To book your Digital Doctor to avail a Covid19 consultation, follow these simple steps-

  • Download the Gigadocs app from the App Store/ Play store
  • After logging in, you would see the availability of specialist virtual consultants.
  • Book your favorite virtual consultant based on their experience and your healthcare requirements.  
  • The next step is to share your medical consent to the digital doctor. This consent lets them view your electronic healthcare records. Medical consent can be shared over an email, telephone, or during the digital consultation.
  • After you have booked a telemedicine appointment and shared ECR viewing consent, Gigadocs will share your virtual appointment details and confirmation.
  • At the date and on the time of virtual consultation, you need to be physically present along with your healthcare records, vitals, and previous medication prescriptions if any.
  • If your concerned digital doctor is not available, due to any medical emergencies you can consult alternative digital doctors available on the Gigadocs app.

To Download Gigadocs app-

To reach a Covid-19 infectious disease specialist download the Gigadocs app to book your Digital Consultation from-

To know more and schedule a Virtual Consultation demo, e-mail, at

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