COVID-19 Myths and Facts By Gigadocs | Common Myths and Facts Related to the Coronavirus.

Busting COVID-19 Myths: 15 Facts You Must Know About Coronavirus

India has overtaken Brazil and currently, it is the second most COVID-19 infected country registering a rapid increase in the number of those infected from the dangerous pandemic. As the country approaches to Unlock 4.0 with significant relaxations like allowing children from classes 9-12 to visit schools for consultation, resumption of metro services, allowing 100 people to join social/ academic/ sports/ entertainment/ cultural/ religious/ political congregations. This leaves a greater number of people to step out of their house.  

Fearing that the number of infective cases will go up, misinformation and myths have been doing rounds. To address the concern, Gigadocs practice management e-healthcare app dispels the myths surrounding the deadly pandemic

  • MYTH: Those who get infected from COVID-19 get very sick or die
  • FACT: Most of those who are infected by COVID ­19 will face mild symptoms even sometimes without knowing them. It’s often seen that several Covid-19 positive’s recovers even without needing professional medical care. Around one in six Covid-19 positives will become severely ill and need to be hospitalized. Scientific modeling points out that 1 in 100 COVID -19 positive will die or about 4% of those infected.
  • MYTH: Covid-19 positive can be identified from the crowd?
  • FACT: No, you cannot identify Covid-19 from the crowd. The virus takes 14 days for symptoms to show up.  Some people may be asymptomatic as well, who would not see the symptoms immediately. That is why it is so important to follow the regulatory advice that includes hand washing, using facemasks, tissues to sneeze or cough, and most importantly avoiding crowds which is an important step to restrict the spread of the virus.
  • MYTH: COVID-19 only affects the elderly, and youngsters don’t have to worry.
  • FACT: COVID-19 can be more dangerous in the elderly, but it can infect people of every age-group. Youngsters with certain underlying health conditions, like heart conditions, untreated HIV or asthma, can get seriously ill and develop complications.
  • MYTH: COVID -19 attacks HIV positives, who can seriously get ill. However, those who follow guidelines, medications, and social distancing measures can avert the risk of developing COVID-19 symptoms.
  • FACT: HIV positives who are following the guidelines. This is because COVID-19 treatment requires a strong immunity, and that prevents any serious complications arising from HIV.  
  • MYTH: COVID-19 spreads quickly in warm weather?
  • FACT: COVID-19 can survive in hot temperatures.  The pandemic grows and infects those who stay in hot and humid weather. Consider following the requisite advisory to protect yourself from the virus. However, make sure you spend some time in the sunlight it will help you to absorb Vitamin D an essential component required for bone building.  
  • MYTH: Drinking hot drinks stops COVID-19?
  • FACT: No drink or spice can control the spread of COVID-19 or cure the pandemic. There’s no proven cure for COVID-19 however, taking paracetamol, drinking liquids, and getting enough rest can help to manage the pandemic symptoms.  
  • MYTH: Vitamin C helps to cure the pandemic
  • FACT: Vitamin C proved to be an effective measure against the SARS outbreak. But its effectiveness against Covid-19 is yet to be seen. Vitamin C supplements are immunity boosters’ yet there is no evidence that it might help to fight off the new coronavirus.
  • MYTH: People should not wear masks while exercising  
  • FACT: If you wear masks when exercising, it may reduce your ability to breathe comfortably. Your sweat can make your mask wet which makes it difficult to breathe thereby promoting the growth of microorganisms. Instead, follow social distancing of at least one meter from others when you are in the gym or exercising place.
  • MYTH: Spraying and introducing bleach or other disinfectants into your body will protect from Covid-19
  • FACT: Spraying bleach will not protect against COVID-19 instead it will be dangerous for the skin. Besides, these substances can be poisonous leading to irritation over the eyes. It is advisable to keep chlorine (bleach) and other disinfectants outside the children’s reach.
  • MYTH: Exposure to temperatures higher than 25°C will protect from COVID-19.
  • FACT: Exposing to the sun or temperatures above 25°C does not protect from the pandemic. COVID-19 can be contaminated by a person who does not follow social distancing or not wear facemasks no matter how sunny or hot the weather is. Countries that have been affected by Covid-19 are those from relatively hotter geographies.
  • MYTH: Taking a hot bath would prevent COVID-19
  • FACT: Taking a hot bath will not protect from COVID-19. Your normal body temperature remains around 36.5°C to 37°C, even if you shower in hot water. Taking a hot water bath can burn your skin, and the best way to protect yourself is by frequently cleaning your hands. This will eliminate viruses that may occur when you are touching your eyes, mouth, and nose.
  • MYTH: You are immune if you are infected once by Coronavirus.
  • FACT: There were a few cases where those who overcome the virus fell ill again. Thus, assuming that if coronavirus has infected one person cannot infect him/ her again. Those who are suffering from pre-existing health issues need to be more careful if they have been attacked by COVID-19. If you have a cough, fever, and difficulty breathing, contact a digital doctor on the Gigadocs app for an initial consultation.  
  • MYTH: Mosquitoes can transmit Coronavirus
  • FACT: Mosquitoes are not COVID-19 carriers. No evidence suggests that mosquitoes can transmit COVID-19. It is a respiratory virus and primarily spreads through the droplets of an infected person’s coughing and sneezing.
  • MYTH: Holding your breath for 10 seconds or longer without any discomfort implies you are not infected by COVID-19
  • FACT: There are no DIY tests that can confirm whether you have the virus. It is advisable to seek a telemedicine consultation on the Gigadocs app if you have symptoms like difficulty breathing, cold, or cough. The best way to verify a COVID-19 infection is by having a medically supervised test.
  • MYTH: COVID-19 is similar to seasonal flu.
  • FACT: Although both COVID-19 and seasonal influenza are both respiratory illnesses, they are not similar. Covid-19 has very high infectivity rates than monsoon flu. Flu is not as deadly as Covid-19, the fatality rate from COVID-19 is much higher than any of the respiratory infections.

COVID-19 is a new and rampant virus that has redefined our way of life. Believing in and spreading the myths that surround the virus will only make the fight against the virus much more difficult. Before you share any information about the pandemic check its authenticity, gather information from reliable sources like Gigadocs, and educate those who are around you about the importance of spreading the right information.

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