Senior Citizens for Virtual Consultation

Coping Coronavirus Pandemic with E-Healthcare- How to Prepare Senior Citizens for Virtual Consultation?

As the lockdown restrictions ease, the situation around the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) changes rapidly.  The key to well-being is to stay informed and follow safe hygiene measures to protect yourself and those around you especially the kids and the senior citizens.

Senior citizens and people with comorbidities who have severe chronic medical conditions like kidney, asthma, cancer or cardiovascular diseases are at higher risk to contract COVID-19. This is because our immune system changes as we age, making it hard for our body to fight the diseases and the infection.  Senior citizens need to take special care of their health, never miss follow up appointments.

Telehealth and Senior Citizens

Most of the senior citizens have regular follow up appointments and going to a clinic may not seem to be a safe idea, for the fear of Coronavirus transmission risk from surface contamination. Virtual Consultation or attending digital appointments over a call, or a video is increasingly being used to help elderly people making healthcare easier and more accessible. Telemedicine-based care is intended to meet the specific needs of the elderly. Virtual consultation service delivery from home dedicated in particular to older people, is usually provided through in-personal support via video-call, teleconsultation, SMS notification reminding appointments and educational text messages.

Virtual Consultations let digital doctors holistically monitor their patients. Tele-healthcare supervision includes remote consultation between the patient, digital doctor or other healthcare professional like a support staff nurse through teleconsultation or videoconferencing. Teleconsultation facilitates real-time monitoring of the patient’s vital signs like their blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, electrocardiogram, blood glucose, and weight), in addition to any falls and other potentially dangerous situations common in senior age.

What Diseases can be Discussed Over Virtual Consultation?

E-HealthCare practice management apps like Gigadocs assist senior citizens to record vital signs like health rate, pulse count on the Gigadocs app and communicate them live to their doctors via video chat or a phone call. Here are the medical conditions senior citizens can discuss with their Digital Doctors-

  • Hypertension, Blood Pressure care.
  • Back or Neck pain caused due to continuous sitting.
  • Cardiovascular patients who require follow up or post-hospitalization care.
  • Home-based oncology care and advice from an experienced doctor from the safety of home.
  • Diabetes on a follow-up appointment regular to discuss blood sugar levels.
  • Senior Citizens ailing with orthopaedic conditions like arthritis, joint replacements, spinal deformities etc.
  • Gastrointestinal disorders and stomach infections.
  • Previously diagnosed mental health conditions like depression or anxiety that may require a telepsychiatry consultation.
  • Common health issues like seasonal flu, urinary tract infections, teeth care or eye infections.

Tele-Medicine Benefits for Senior Citizens

  • Telehealth boasts of many benefits, making healthcare safer especially during the Coronavirus phase, considerably decreasing the fear of infectivity that senior citizens with weak immune systems may catch while visiting a doctor or at the doctor’s clinic even while practicing social distancing.  
  • Virtual consultations help doctors provide more personalised critical care. Telemedicine helps family doctors to consult with specialists over a real-time basis to administer better healthcare.
  • Secure access to medical services and urgent consultation without leaving home or having to wait for a physical appointment in long queues make virtual consultation an extremely convenient solution for seniors.
  • Tele-healthcare is a comfortable and secure mode of consultation for seniors who live alone. As virtual consultations are customised, senior citizens can consult their doctors anytime without waiting for their next appointment.   

Virtual Consultation gives elderly reassurance and safety, digital doctors can educate patients about the precautions to be taken, and the safe healthcare practices senior citizens should adopt, like the importance of face masks, how to keep your food safe and practice social distancing during emergency shopping.

Telecare solutions on the Gigadocs practice management app provide senior-citizens safe diagnosis, effective treatment, education, and rehabilitation, and make it possible for digital doctors to monitor patients who are critical with chronic diseases.

Gigadocs and Virtual Healthcare

In these testing times and beyond, Gigadocs is committed to providing you and the senior citizens in your family a safe mode of consultation from your home. Book a virtual consultation appointment for chronic and non-chronic diseases for seniors in your family and discuss their symptoms with an experienced digital doctor over a telecall or a video consultation on the Gigadocs app.

Gigadocs is an intelligent practice management app, curated for complete healthcare of your family, available on the Play store and the Appstore, you can book a virtual doctor for the elders in your family by following the below simple steps-

  • After you have downloaded the Gigadocs app, check the availability of virtual consultants according to requirements.
  • Check the availability of digital practitioners and book them according to the senior citizen concern’s convenience.
  • You need to share the consent of the senior citizen to the virtual consultant for them to access their health records and vitals. Consent can be shared digitally over email, or during the digital consultation or on the telephone.
  • Once your digital dental appointment is scheduled, you will receive your appointment details and confirmation over an e-mail or text message from the Gigadocs app.
  • The elderly needs to be available for diagnosis on the date of their digital appointment. If the doctor whom you have booked for the consultation is not available due to any unforeseen emergencies, elderly citizens can consult other specialist digital doctors registered on the Gigadocs app.

Download Gigadocs app-

Gigadocs is an intelligent practice management software, with customised digital Medicare solutions to help you with your complete family’s healthcare needs. Gigadocs E-Healthcare app helps you with complete health record maintenance solutions, like secure storage of your digital records, digital prescription solutions suited to your healthcare requirements.

Download the Gigadocs E-Healthcare app from-

To know more and schedule a Virtual Consultation demo, e-mail, at

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