vaccination boosts immunity and protects from pandemic and diseases

World Immunization Day: Vaccinations that Build Immunity

Children particularly infants, can catch infections very quickly. It is because their body’s defence system that fights against infections is not fully developed. Although they receive lifesaving antibodies from their mothers, however, these antibodies gradually diminish, which makes them susceptible to infections and diseases. Immunization forms a cushion that immunes them against deadly infections by the administration of a vaccination.

Immunization also helps to reduce the spread of infectious diseases among kids by stimulating the immune system that protects against any subsequent infection attack. Vaccination is one of the most cost-effective health investments for young minds that does not require any radical lifestyle change.

Why Children must be Vaccinated?

The rapid advancements in medical science protect children against life-threatening diseases. Diseases that killed thousands of children earlier have been completely eradicated or are in the verge of extinction primarily due to immunization. Polio which was quite common now reports very few cases worldwide. This is the great impact that vaccines have had in modern healthcare.

Vaccinations are very safe and effective and are only administered after they have been critically reviewed by researchers, doctors, and healthcare professionals. Some of the vaccines may involve pain, redness and become sore after being injected, but parents must be aware that these are the temporary side-effects and minimal discomfort compared to the trauma of the diseases they help to prevent.  

Immunization protects future generations by considerably reducing the instances of diseases that killed/ disabled victims just a few generations ago. Although vaccination may be delayed in certain instances like-

  • When some babies develop conditions like leukaemia or a fever.
  • An allergic reaction of another immunization

To help your young ones safe, it is important that they are immunized as per their Vaccination Schedule available on the Gigadocs App.  This not only protects your young ones but also prevents them from contracting any dangerous diseases in the future.

When the children are vaccinated, it helps their immune system to identify which pathogen is harmful and how to prevent it from causing any harm. In this way, the child’s body becomes stronger to fight the pathogens when they attack and subsequently build additional immunity.  

Doubt towards Vaccination: Anti Vaxxers

Opposition to vaccinations has long been discussed. There are many concerned parents who debate to forgoing their children’s vaccinations for a number of reasons, which has led to the re-emergence of infectious diseases which was previously eradicated. Known as Anti Vaxxers (who forego vaccination), they are categorised as-

  • Complacent Anti Vaxxers live in places which have not reported many cases of vaccine-preventable diseases. Many Complacent anti Vaxxers have opinionated that the diseases which the vaccinations prevent are no threat at all. Thus, they may postpone immunizations thinking that no one gets the disease.   
  • Inaccessible Anti Vaxxers, as the name, suggests live in places which has limited accessibility to health-care resources. They need to travel long distances to meet their healthcare needs and may also suffer from language barriers that restrict communication with healthcare providers. Inaccessible Anti Vaxxers are observed to live in rural areas and need to arrange a mode of transportation to see the doctor. Thus, they do not see any need for a vaccine shot when they know that their child otherwise, is doing well.
  • Calculating Anti Vaxxers are well informed about the pros and cons of vaccination and decide to go against it if they feel that the infection is low. Their idea is to remain selfish-rational and avoid immunization as long as others who are vaccinated keep the infection risk under check.   

Some of the Vaxxers don’t believe in the vaccines manufactured by the Pharmaceutical companies, they view that the pharmaceutical companies only want to sell their vaccinations and make a profit, regardless of the fact who uses them and for what purpose.

Observing World Immunization Day

Vaccination is one of the most effective methods that prevent highly infectious diseases. Take for instance the Covid-19 pandemic that has killed and infected millions worldwide. The entire world is eagerly waiting for the Covid-19 vaccination. Such is the power of immunization!

Some of the deadliest diseases like smallpox, measles, and tetanus have vanished from a large area of the world due to immunizations being strictly followed by the masses. The WHO lists twenty-five preventable infections that can be prevented or controlled by timely licenced vaccination.

World Immunization day is celebrated across the world every year on November 10. This day aims to raise awareness among the masses about the importance of getting timely vaccinated against vaccine-preventable diseases.

In India, National Immunization day was first observed on the 16th. March. This day marks the first dosage of Oral Polio Vaccine administered in 1995.

Tracking Vaccinations with Gigadocs

Your child will be administered his/her first vaccination between birth till six years of age. Several vaccinations are given more than once at different intervals in combination doses. This calls for parents to be extra cautious and keep a record of their child’s immunization shots.

Our busy lifestyles, the stress of work from home and the pandemic uncertainty may make us forget the next immunization dose of our kid. Gigadocs brings you Vaccination Schedule Chart which would never let you miss the next immunization date.

Even if you have missed your child’s current vaccination date, you don’t need to worry. You don’t have to go back to start all over again for most of the vaccines. However, consult which vaccinations need to be administered again and which one to avoid with your child’s paediatrician over a call or a virtual appointment booked on the Gigadocs app.

In addition, you can also discuss the common side effects which your child may face post-vaccination. These include fever, swelling, soreness and diarrhoea in some cases.  Discuss the symptoms and prescriptive treatment on the Gigadocs E Healthcare app.

As a parent track all the vaccinations of your child on the Vaccination Schedule Chart from Gigadocs. By inputting your child’s date of birth, you can get the complete timesheet when your child needs to be vaccinated. Through this feature, you will never miss the next vaccine schedule of your child.

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