Counting Chickens before they hatch

Counting Chickens before they hatch?

India is a land of contradictions but somehow, we make it work for our advantage. Things that are normally supposed to be straight forward usually end up being chaotic and when the worst is expected, we manage to raise above other, often surprising ourselves in the process. There almost seems to be an order in this chaos.

Even during this lockdown period, which was initiated due to the rapid worldwide spread of Covid-19, we find India faring far better than a lot of other developed countries. The general public though worried have restrained from slipping into absolute panic. Apart from the fact that a lot of daily wage workers from the cities were caught by surprise by the sudden lockdown and their struggle to reach the safety of their hometowns where at least food and shelter was guaranteed. There have been no chaotic shoppers keen on ransacking aisle after aisle, in an attempt to hoard. There has been no mass exodus of people except for the under privileged. Even they have done it as a pure desperate measure and definitely not because of any frenzied panic.

India has reported one of the lowest Covid-19 cases per million. Standing at 0.92 per million, we have fared far better than many other developed countries. There are certainly more countries that have a lower number of confirmed cases per million, but when taking into consideration the population density and the amount of international travelling that India witnesses by taking into account both the native and the transit travelers, India has been doing a commendable job. When we feared the worst, India prevails again. Of course, it has its own way of doing things. Thanks to the lockdown, we have been able to witness a lot of videos on social media platform where we can see our law enforcement, canning people to ensure they stay indoors. Now, is that really necessary? Or, are they going overboard? is something that we can deliberate upon in a later article. Today, we focus on if it is working. The answer is yes, it is and there are numbers to prove it.

The catch to the whole situation is the long incubation period of Covid-19. At this moment we are at a high risk of this being taken for granted. Keeping the economy in mind and the large number or people dependent on daily wages, it’s a matter of time that people start to push back as it would be a tussle between feeding their family or risk infection. We all are aware, that a hungry stomach does not necessarily take wise decisions. When the push comes to shove, the strain on the govt and the law enforcement is going to be immense. We are at the nascent stages of the Pandemic and its too early for us to consider this a success. The Govt. must prepare well and ensure the lockdown can be sustained while simultaneously ensuring that people are not pushed to desperate levels.

India is in the right path to victory. However, this focus must be maintained. Participation by each and every individual is a must. We have to create an atmosphere where its viable for everyone to willingly participate in this Lockdown. We encourage all of you to reevaluate your risk of contracting Covid-19 regularly with the help of the link provided below. Take the appropriate action depending on the results. Please take your safety and the safety of your fellow citizens seriously!! It’s a winnable war but let’s not celebrate too early and give the Enemy a chance to sneak back again.

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