differentiate between Monsoon Fevers and Coronavirus symptoms

Common Monsoon Diseases- How to Differentiate Between Monsoon Fevers and Coronavirus Symptoms?

After a hot and humid summer, the refreshing raindrops bring a fresh respite.Besides bringing pleasant showers and cooler temperatures, the monsoon season also brings common monsoon diseases which include water borne-air borne diseases, bacterial and viral infections. The different types of seasonal fever are one of the most common monsoon diseases. Monsoon season witnesses a sharp rise in the number of cases of fever and chills. 

The deadly Coronavirus is no better, the common symptoms make it difficult to distinguish between novel coronavirus and common monsoon diseases. Symptoms like diarrhoea, fever, seizures. headache, sore throat is common to both. Though initial symptoms are similar, they contrast as the disease progresses.

Coronavirus is feared for its high transmission rate same as the viral fever, a common monsoon occurrence. Viral fever can infect through body fluids from an infected person to a healthy individual making them sick.

When a person infected with monsoon diseases coughs, sneezes, or even talks, they unknowingly spray tiny droplets, which are bacteria and viruses’ carriers. The bacterium enters a healthy body through the hands, mouth, or nose in case they are not maintaining social distancing, and standing close to an infected person. It takes around 16-48 hours for the bacterium to turn to symptomatic infection. Thus, the importance of face masks, hand hygiene, and social distancing get more paramount.

The worrying aspect of monsoon diseases being similar symptoms of chills, body aches, cold, and fever. Our immune system is weakened during this phase which this results in many water-borne diseases like-


Dengue is a common monsoon fever, that lasts for up to seven days. Characterized with a drop and then a small revival towards the end. Symptoms include headache, swollen and painful joints, followed by a rash. After the fever, one may experience swelling on finger and toe joints while some patients report a rash over their arms, torsos, and legs.  


Chikungunya is a viral disease transmitted by tiger Aedes Albopictus mosquito causing severe joint pain and fever, other symptoms include headache, nausea, muscle pain, rash, and fatigue. There is no cure for Chikungunya and those infected rely on treatment to relieve their symptoms.  


Monsoon season brings water logging problems facilitating conducive conditions for mosquito breeding. Malaria is one of the common diseases caused by female Anopheles mosquitoes. Fever, chills, body aches are the most common symptoms. Of all, Cerebral malaria is considered most dangerous form causing most of the Malaria deaths. If untreated, Malaria can lead to severe complications like severe anaemia, jaundice, liver, and kidney failure. Antimalarial medications are prescribed as a malaria treatment.  

Viral Fever:

Viral fever is a common monsoon disease, caused by sudden weather changes. Symptoms include fever, body aches, and chills. Seasonal Viral fever is contagious spreading through infected droplets in the air or proximity with infected secretions. Viral fever lasts for 3 to 7 days severe fever is observed in the first three days of infectivity.

OTC drugs taken in consultation with a medical specialist like antihistamines, decongestants, and antipyretic drugs are usually recommended. Monsoon viral fever is usually self-limiting and does not require antibiotics unless there is a secondary infection.

Common Cold and Flu:

Common cold, and flu are very frequent during the monsoon months. The sudden change in weather causes temperature fluctuations which leads to cold and flu. The common cold is a highly contagious disease, due to the rapid virus transmission infecting the upper respiratory tract. Symptoms of cold and flu involve the runny or stuffy nose, throat irritation, and soreness, and fever. Strong immunity is the best resistance to prevent the common cold. A healthy, balanced, and nutritious diet adds to body resistance, lessening the chances of the infection.

Ready Reckoner- Common Monsoon Diseases and Coronavirus Symptoms

DengueChikungunyaMalariaViral feverCommon cold and FluCoronavirus
 Sudden, high feverHigh fever High feverFeverFeverFever
RashesFatigueBody acheFatigueAching musclesDry cough
HeadacheChillsBody chillsDizzinessRunny noseTiredness
Low palette countSkin rashSweatingWeaknessSneezingAches and pains
HypersensitivityAcute joint pain (abdomen, back of the eyes, joints, or muscles)ChillsBody chillsCongestionSore throat
Nausea, vomiting Night sweats,Muscle, body and joint painCough (can be with phlegm)Diarrhoea
Aches and pains (eye pain, typically behind the eyes, muscle, joint, or bone pain) Shivering, or sweatingSweatingRunny noseConjunctivitis
Fatigue DiarrhoeaDehydrationLoss of smellHeadache
  Fast heart rateFeeling of weaknessRedness, or post-nasal dripLoss of taste or smell
  Mental confusionLoss of appetiteSwollen lymph nodes, or throat irritationRash on skin, or discolouration of fingers or toes
    Sinus pressureDifficulty breathing or shortness of breath
    Watery eyes, itchiness, or redness in eyesChest pain or pressure
    Body acheLoss of speech or movement

How to Prevent Monsoon Diseases?

Here are a few tips you can follow to stay away from seasonal monsoon fevers-

  1. Keep your home and surroundings free from mosquitoes.
  2. While you step out, don’t forget your face mask, hand sanitizer, mosquito repellent creme, and wear full-sleeved clothes.
  3. Don’t step out, especially if you are a senior citizen if you have to step out, practice social distancing, avoid visiting crowded places.
  4. Drink only boiled water and consume fresh homemade meals.
  5. Follow food safety measures and wash hands before eating any food.
  6. Do not touch your nose and mouth with your hand frequently especially without washing them.
  7. Avoid self-medicating, don’t take any episode of fever lightly. Get your precautionary Coronavirus test done.

Monsoon Season Precautions

There is no cause to worry about if you are prepared to enjoy the rainy season and are taking all the necessary precautions.  If you observe any changes in your body especially as the symptoms mentioned above, immediately consult an infectious disease specialist. Don’t forget that any delay can cause undesired complications.

You must note that infectious seasonal diseases may remain undiagnosed showing asymptomatic symptoms until they become seriously complicated. This is the reason why you must not delay and reach out to a doctor for a complete diagnosis including a blood test which is highly beneficial for timely diagnosis.

Consulting a Monsoon Season Diseases Specialist

Monsoon diseases are highly infectious. As discussed, if you are experiencing any symptoms, don’t delay your diagnosis. To prevent the risk of transmission, prefer to consult a digital doctor for an initial consultation. Digital e-Healthcare app assists you to understand the services offered and service delivery methods of Virtual Consultation and how does E-healthcare help you during the COVID-19 pandemic. Book your digital doctor for seasonal flu, toothaches, and more serious chronic infections on the Gigadocs app.

Gigadocs is an intelligent practice management E-Healthcare app available to download on the play store and app store.

To Book your Digital Appointment on the Gigadocs App-

  • Download the Gigadocs app.
  • Ensure the availability of a stable internet connection to the book and virtually consult an infectious disease specialist.
  • Go through the time slot and the availability of digital doctors that suit your schedule.  
  • Book your infectious specialist appointment based on the doctor’s availability.
  • Ensure your doctor has access to view your electronic health records and vitals.
  • After you have booked your appointment, Gigadocs will share your appointment details.
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Benefits of the Gigadocs App-

Gigadocs is a complete healthcare solution built for your family’s complete healthcare requirements. With Gigadocs you can-

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