protect yourself from Coronavirus after the lockdown is relaxed and offices re-open

Tips to Be Safe From the Coronavirus Pandemic after the Lockdown is Relaxed

With the lockdown restrictions getting lifted across many geographies, most of us will be venturing back to our normal life. In the anxious excitement of returning to professional and social commitments, here is a word of caution- the threat of Coronavirus pandemic has not surpassed and we should be more cautious and must not hurry to get our life’s back to normal immediately. COVID-19 has changed the definition of normalcy; it is more important now to take more precautions than you have ever before, face masks, sanitizers should not be an option but a necessity whenever you step out of your home.

Coronavirus Anxiety- How will be Life After Lockdown?

It feels anxious for sure while stepping out after strictly staying inside the home for months juggling work from home, senior citizens, and kids. With every passing day the number of Coronavirus numbers reaches a new high across the nation, arising fear and anxiety among masses. The concern is the same across people from all strata of life, from medical workers on the front lines, to the ones trying to start their businesses, to working professionals.

The Fear of Agoraphobia

The current Coronavirus pandemic has proven to be stressful for everyone. However, certain groups especially those with comorbidities like liver cirrhosis, high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, renal diseases are likely to be at a higher risk of uncertainty and stress from the Coronavirus outbreak, including people with agoraphobia.

An anxiety disorder such as agoraphobia may cause uncertainty and fear amongst those who find that this pandemic has heightened their anxiety even further. Agoraphobia involves intense fear of a place or situation where it is tuff to escape causing unpleasant situations among people who feel it is better staying at home rather than crowded areas or other public spaces outside of the home.

Those with agoraphobia may experience more concerning situations which may arise due to-

  • Less readily available support.
  • Difficulty in breathing or shortness of breath which may lead to a stress and a panic attack.
  • General public anxiety and uncertainty about the Pandemic.
  • An increased risk of social isolation and potential depression.

Seeking a Virtual Therapist for Agoraphobia

If you are among those who feel the same anxiety, consider discussing your concerns with an experienced therapist from your home over a phone call or a video consultation from the safe environs of your home through a virtual consultation. E-Healthcare practice management apps like Gigadocs bring complete healthcare solutions closer to you in these testing times.  

Gigadocs lets you consult telemedicine doctors for yourself, your children and senior citizens ranging from infectious disease specialist, orthopaedic, dentist, a paediatrician from the comfort of your home so that you don’t have to fear the risk of Coronavirus infectivity transmission from surfaces while going to a physical doctor otherwise.   

Agoraphobia can affect people across all ages, to fight Agoraphobia, here are some tips and precautions that you can follow-

  • Make a practice to restrict the intake of news, it only adds to the anxiety. Follow the news for an hour during the day.  
  • Connect digitally with people and discuss your concerns.  
  • When you have a panic attack, consider practicing meditative breathing.  
  • Try to follow yoga for stress management and get regular exercise.
  • Eat healthy and timely meals and get adequate sleep.

Safety tips to battle Coronavirus- The Do’s and Don’ts of Lockdown Relaxation

The Do’s of lockdown relaxation

  • Be alert about your Hygiene practices  

While all these months you were in the safe boundaries of your home, chances are you may have been following a relaxed regime on hygiene practices, but after the lockdown relaxation, you need to be extra alert especially when you need to go back to work and/or for non-essential shopping. Consider using a hand glove while traveling on public transport, follow caution about what you touch, and wash your hands every time whenever you press lift buttons or touch doorknobs with your bare hands.  

Even while at the office, make a practice to wipe down your desk, mouse, keyboard, and screen daily with a disinfectant solution before you start work. Restrain from using shared cutlery at the office or public eateries.  

  • Social -Distancing norms

When you join the office, make sure there is a six feet distance between workstations. Though the lockdown may be relaxed the threat of the virus is not yet over. You will spend a considerable amount of time in office and must maintain a proper social distance from everyone during this time. Don’t travel through crowded lifts and instead walk through the staircase. Even in cases if you have you touch the staircase railing for support, wash your hands immediately after you have reached office/ home.  

  • Hygiene Kit

Make a hygiene kit that must-have essentials that you will need when you step out. This kit must contain a face cover, gloves, toilet seat sanitizer, hand sanitizer, and tissue papers. Religiously practice to wear the face mask as much as possible, this will prevent you to touch your face too often thus reducing the contamination risk to a greater extent. Use gloves when you need to work with shared items like vending machines at the office. Spray a toilet seat sanitizer before and after using a shared toilet. Use a digital wallet for all the shopping you do.

Don’ts of lockdown relaxation

  • Planning an Outing

Lockdown is lifted only to bring the economy back in action.  This does not mean you plan an outing or a trip with your friends and family.  Stay at home, stay safe, and maintain social distancing protocols instead of traveling and risking your health.

  • Do not attend Mass gatherings

Avoid weddings, religious assemblies, and public places like shopping malls, cafeterias, and so on. The Coronavirus pandemic spreads very quickly if an infected asymptomatic person is talking or touching commonly used things like a lift button. Since an asymptomatic person does not know they are affected by the virus; they can infect others too very easily. Thus, prevention is the ultimate cure.

Word of Caution to Fight Coronavirus

Though the government and authorities will continue to roll out stringent measures for us to follow, we cannot deny the fact that it will be difficult to track infected people once the lockdown is lifted. Now with the people beginning to mix more will lead to the inevitable rise in numbers. Thus, building immunity and staying in touch with your virtual doctor is the need of the hour.

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