Digital telemedicine- The changing phase of medical consultation

Doctors Day: Digital Telemedicine- The Changing Phase of Medical Consultation.

The internet can provide us with valuable information at times, but it can also lead to inadequate knowledge, which many of you may have already experienced. Nowadays, a new trend is noticed among people: they start googling their symptoms and treatments on the internet without first verifying their authenticity. Even patients who visit doctors research their medication much before their visit; they know the medication’s purpose, effects, and side effects and might even discontinue it at their will. Are you one of them who googles their symptom before and after you visit a doctor?

Searching for Illness Symptoms on the Internet

Are you one of those people who log in to Google every time they have a body ache, fever, or cold, only to become more confused and scared? Many people especially the younger generation with smartphones are succumbing to the “Google-as-your-doctor” phenomenon, which health experts believe is rising in the country.

Although there is nothing wrong with checking your symptoms or researching your illness on the internet, it is essential to know when to stop.

Why is Self-Medication Dangerous?

The biggest issue is that the internet is filled with vast amounts of information, some of which may be correct, but your symptoms may be similar to those of another disease, leading to confusion. Here are some examples of why googling your symptoms without prior knowledge is dangerous:

  • Surfing the web reveals that every symptom is severe and will kill you. However, after consulting a clinician, you discover that the problem is not as serious as you thought and is treatable.
  • Online symptom checkers are rarely accurate.
  • You can suffer from severe depression if you receive incorrect information.
  • It’s all too easy to fall victim to this and misdiagnose yourself.
  • The veracity of the information is always in question.
  • If you rely on google, it will only delay your treatment if you suffer from serious diseases.
  • Sometimes a patient requires an examination, which is impossible through the internet.
  • Beware of the fact that some websites may provide dangerous advice to vulnerable individuals.
  • Doctors spend years studying medicine reading, learning and gaining invaluable knowledge and then giving exams that certify them as a doctor. They do this for a reason as there is no website that can replace that.
  • Anyone, regardless of qualifications, can publish content online.

The Patient-Doctor Trust

The online medical information available effects the level of trust between the patient and the doctor. Some patients followed some clinicians regularly but discontinued treatment after surfing the internet, which resulted in the relapse/reemergence of disorders and further complicating the issues, making it difficult for treating doctors to address. People are unaware that different diseases have different symptoms among different people. Those suffering from mild cold and flu were diagnosed with pneumonia by the internet, particularly during the Covid era. The pandemic of infodemics has proven to be extremely dangerous particularly for those suffering from severe diseases.

Doctors Day

Every year on July 1st, National Doctor’s Day is observed to commemorate the birth anniversary of Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy, who was born on this day in 1882 and died on the same day in 1962. Since 1991, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) has commemorated the day by honoring doctors and healthcare workers who continue to tirelessly serve the people while risking their own lives.

Why Consulting a Doctor is Advised More than Consulting Google?

When it comes to our health, we should seek the advice of qualified doctors who will treat us based on our symptoms.

  • Doctors spend years mastering their profession; sometimes spend 10 or more years studying medicine, depending on the level of their degrees.
  • Doctors have a thorough understanding of the human body, diseases, and their treatment, so they can treat you better.
  • Doctors can differentiate one symptom from different diseases and can reach the diagnosis well on time.
  • Doctors treat their patients from their past experiences with patients, from other clinicians, etc.
  • Doctors can plan pertinent investigations to rule out any other diseases.
  • Every patient must be studied holistically, including taking a detailed history, performing a thorough examination, and administering a battery of tests (as needed), which an internet or Google search does not offer.
  • Doctors can assist in making a practical decision tailored to the situation after analyzing numerous variables when faced with a dilemma involving serious illness.
  • No machine or technology can replace a professional human touch full of empathy, knowledge, and kindness.

What is the Significance of a Doctor’s Consultation for You?

Medical decision-making entails more than just writing a prescription; it entails scientific reasoning and varying degrees of empathy, kindness, ethics, morality, culture, spirituality, reassurance, and effective communication.

Did you know?
Doctors make the correct diagnosis 72 percent of the time, compared to 34 percent for apps. In addition, doctors provided the correct diagnosis in 84 percent of their top three choices, compared to only 51 percent of symptom checkers. 

Patients do not read up on the right materials but instead conduct online searches to become doctors, making it difficult for doctors to persuade them of their treatment or diagnosis. Diagnosing yourself online is a slippery slope, and it is critical to consult and trust your doctor rather than allowing your health to suffer due to shaky information obtained online.

In short, nothing can replace a well-performed physical examination, urgent care, or access to diagnostic instruments. One cannot become a doctor or any other professional by conducting an internet search. Insufficient knowledge may render you a quack, detrimental to managing your day-to-day health-related issues.

Teleconsulting a Qualified and Experienced Medical Professional

Gigadocs is supported by cutting-edge technology and infrastructure, and we strive to make digital consultations as easy as possible for you. Teleconsultation by Gigadocs is provided by our experienced and expert team of doctors over the phone, which can be audio or video based on the customer’s preference.

We guarantee that our expert panel of doctors will provide you with the best advice without requiring you to leave your home.

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