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Are you Anxious or Agoraphobic to Step out after Lockdown? Virtual Consultation & Coronavirus Safety Tips

Coronavirus has changed and redefined how we live in the current times. After the COVID-19 outbreak, countries across the world are at a standstill with crippling economies. As tests are underway for preventive vaccination, the path to recovery will take time. In a bid to keep the economy functioning, many countries across the globe have eased lockdown relaxations with strict social distancing protocols to follow regarding facemasks, hand sanitization and medical experts warn that restrictions may remain this way for a long period.

After spending months in lockdown, many of us are gearing up to go back to work, and prepare anxiously to step out of our houses once again. Post-lockdown agoraphobia and the fear of uncertainty can cause a panic attack and mental health concerns stemming from a host of worries including the stress to protect our loved ones from the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are the Coronavirus safety tips and how Virtual consultation, can help you to cope up in these uncertain times-

Get Adequate Sleep

Sleep is the best way to rest your mind and keep your thoughts away from anxiety. You need to look at the different signs that make you anxious, whether it is about contracting the disease, or how you will manage social distancing and how to stay cautious about stepping out in public.
You should check if there is any change in your sleep cycle, or you are spending too much time binge-watching compromising sleep. If you are constantly consumed by anxious thoughts about the future and trading sleep for agoraphobia, you should rest those thoughts with a rejuvenating sleep for 6-8 hours.

Stay Fit and care your Mental Health

Uncertainty of the future backed with a global health crisis is a perfect mix for post lockdown fear.  Even with Work from Home, make sure you exercise every day, practice meditation for an hour at least. If you have kids or senior citizens let them participate in exercise and yoga. It is a great way to beat stress.

Watch What is on Your Plate

Eating healthy is a great way to build your immunity. A balanced meal can safeguard you from any disease even Coronavirus. Since there is no tested medication, there are vitamins and wholesome meals which you can include in your diet, for a strong immune system to fight the pandemic.

  • Include fresh yogurt -a natural probiotic which promotes gut health and formation of good bacteria.
  • Turmeric is a great source of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammation. Prefer turmeric latte, which includes turmeric and the goodness of milk.
  • You must include spices in your meal, Tulsi leaves, garlic, and ginger are excellent sources of natural anti-virus food items protecting from seasonal flu, boosting immunity, and flushing out toxins.
  • Vitamin C and D play an important role to strengthen immunity. Ensure you have a healthy dose of citrus fruits and vegetables, like lemon, tomatoes, broccoli- for vitamin C and egg, dairy products, cereals, for Vitamin D.
  • Dairy foods, mushrooms, spinach, broccoli, garlic, lentils are good sources of Zinc, an essential mineral that keeps the immune system strong helps to heal wounds and is crucial for the functioning of the body.

Accept the New Normal

Accepting the changes, using the face mask, using hand gloves and sanitizer is the new normal. While for many of us accepting change may be tough especially the senior citizens. It is imperative to understand that the Coronavirus pandemic is a global concern and maybe there for a while, it will be easier if we incorporate the pandemic as a part of our life, accept medication will take some time to develop, and accept we can’t control the pandemic right now.

Restrict News you See

If you are someone who checks the fatalities of the pandemic through news or websites, consider changing this habit. Though it is important to stay informed it does add to anxiety. You don’t have to monitor each case, thus restrict the news that you see and go about your regular life with the necessary precautionary measures.

Never leave Face masks and Gloves behind

Face masks and gloves are the new normal, never leave for your emergency shopping, bank visits, or office without them. Think of them as essentials that cannot be left home while you are out. Choose a face mask which suits you the best, between cloth masks, N-95, and surgical masks. Keep on replacing them, wash with disinfectant and dry in the sunlight. Wipe your work stations with disinfectants before starting work, use gloves while you are using local transport, use sanitizer always when you are using commonly used surfaces like lift buttons or staircase support.

Be cautious of Surface Contamination

The coronavirus can survive on different surfaces, for instance, it can survive for one day on cardboard and three days on currency notes, plastic and stainless steel. Use disinfectants, detergents, alcohol, bleach, which have proven to be effective at inactivating coronaviruses. Most commonly touched surfaces have the highest probability of Coronavirus carriers, these include grocery shopping areas like trolley and basket handles, products on display at stores, the chip and pin machine where you use your debit/credit card, or at the self-checkout which is likely to have the highest number of virus particles.

Unlock the power of Virtual Consultation with Gigadocs

If you are still anxious and have panic attacks, or sleep problems consult a digital doctor on intelligent practice management apps like Gigadocs. Gigadocs brings you complete healthcare solutions accessible from your home. On the Gigadocs app consult telemedicine doctors for yourself, your children, and senior citizens ranging from orthopedic, pediatrician, dentist, infectious disease specialist, from your home. Through a telemedicine consultation, you don’t have to fear the risk of Coronavirus infectivity transmission from surfaces while going to a physical doctor.   

Follow these simple steps to book a Digital doctor on the Gigadocs app-

  • Gigadocs app can be downloaded from the App Store/ Play store
  • On the Gigadocs app, you will see the availability of specialist virtual consultants, book them for your or your family’s healthcare requirements.
  • Share the patient’s consent to the digital doctor, to view their Electronic healthcare records. This can be shared over email, telephone, or during the digital consultation before or during the telehealthcare appointment.
  • After you have booked the digital appointment and shared ECR viewing consent, Gigadocs will share digital appointment details and confirmation over an e-mail or text message.
  • The concerned patient needs to be physically present for their consultation. If due to any medical emergencies, your concerned digital doctor is not available the patient can consult alternative digital doctors available at that time on the Gigadocs app.

Download the Gigadocs E-Healthcare app from-

To know more and schedule a Virtual Consultation demo, e-mail, at

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