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National Science Day: How Health Apps and Telemedicine Makes You Fit?

It has been almost a year since the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared Covid-19 a global pandemic. Since then, Covid and the subsequent lockdown has created an enormous public health concern that being- people with existing comorbidities without any Covid symptoms could not access their regular follow-up care.  

Although Covid vaccinations are underway, this pandemic has radically bought a new way of healthcare, especially along with its delivery methods. Science and technology have enabled digital doctors and telemedicine care experts to take a centre stage as now people avoid to step out into public places.     

Bridging Technology with Medicine on the National Science Day 

National Science Day, observed across the country on February 28th, remembers the discovery of the Raman Effect by Nobel laureate, physicist Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman.   

This day is celebrated to honour the importance of the contributions made by scientists towards the development and the growth of the nation. Telemedicine is a notable contribution that explains how the medical profession and IT industry have converged to provide holistic healthcare to the masses. Teleconsultation, also called E-Health aims to bring accessible healthcare to everyone and facilitate convenient access to services developed for people with mobility, time or transportation constraints.  

In this direction, Gigadocs E-Healthcare app aims to leverage the best of technology and science into healthcare to offer revolutionized medical care solutions that can be accessed from anywhere at optimal costs.

Telemedicine and Digital Healthcare for All

Science and technology have enabled the availability of a variety of telehealth tools that help you manage your health care, consult specialist doctors at a time convenient to you. Have you taken advantage of this feature yet?   

Use the Gigadocs to discuss your BP levels with Hypertension specialist doctors. Consider, for example, how telehealth can help you in your hypertension care. Through digital healthcare, you could do some or all of the following-    

  • Use your phone to read about hypertension friendly food, medications, requisite blood pressure and glucose levels.   
  • Watch healthcare videos related to hypertension dos and don’ts on the Gigadocs YouTube channel.      
  • Get appointment reminder notifications over text.

Telemedicine appointments offer unprecedented convenience. Consider this, patients spent an average of 2 hours at a doctor’s clinic that includes the time to travel, while the average digital appointment clocks for 20 minutes, saving 83% of the time against a face-to-face visit.

Remote Consultation and Second Opinion

Telemedicine offers the following technologies that let your doctor or health care team to monitor your health remotely:

  • Web-based or mobile apps for uploading information like blood glucose readings, heart rate, sleep patterns, steps walked to share with your doctor over a live consultation. Usually provided through smart wearable devices.
  • Home monitoring devices are particularly useful for the elderly with arthritis and dementia conditions. These devices detect any change in normal activities like falls etc. It could also indicate serious disorders like depression, sleep problems or high blood pressure.  
  • Telemedicine makes it easy for patients to consult their doctors for minor concerns like the refilling of medicines, to save them from time-consuming clinic visits, and eliminates the need for unnecessary travel.  
  • Improves transparency in communication among medical specialists and their patients, besides supporting self-management of health care.   
  • Digital Healthcare helps doctors to avail a second opinion with specialists for more dependable patient treatment. For instance, virtual consultation allows general practitioner (GP) share a patient’s diagnosis, test results, X-rays, patient history, with the specialist for a comprehensive second review.  

Telehealth with Gigadocs

Summing up, Science and Technology collectively holds an immense potential to improve the quality of inclusive health care. Digital teleconsultation provides for opportunities that brings more efficient, accessible, better coordinated medical services closer to you at your convenience.

The impact of Covid and the aspect of safe consultation have grown the reach of virtual care to suit the medical needs of every user. Promoting safe, reliable healthcare solutions, Gigadocs offers telephone and video call -based support for all your chronic and non-chronic healthcare needs.

Download the Gigadocs app to avail the most reliable, secure digital consultations for you and your family from the comfort of your home.

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