Rainy season Care tips

Monsoon Diseases- Rainy Season Care Tips for the Elderly

With the onslaught of the rainy season, high humidity levels can quickly give rise to infections fear of germ infections making the elderly more prone to monsoon diseases. Senior citizens are more likely to get affected in the rainy weather. Common of them include dry cough, cold, flu, respiratory disorders, viral infections, conjunctivitis, digestive problems, ulcers, joint pains, and fatigue.

  • Keep your Raingear Ready

Senior citizens must keep their raincoats, umbrellas out of their cupboards in an easy to access place. For emergency shopping, financial work, or medical requirements they may have to step out especially after the lockdown restrictions are lifted. In this case, it is good to check whether the raincoat and umbrella are in good condition, besides, elderly must check they have water-soaking doormats near every entrance and exit to avoid wet floors and possible slipping injuries. It is best to keep Candles and emergency light handy in case of an electricity failure.

  • Drink Warm Water

Water gets easily contaminated during the rainy season and may cause monsoon season diseases like cholera, gastroenteritis, or other waterborne diseases. To avoid common monsoon diseases, senior citizens must have warm water for bathing, drinking, and filtered water for cooling practices. It is a must to follow safe food practices this monsoon.

  •  Stay Hydrated

Monsoon season brings moisture in the air, which may cause some people to drink less water during this season. Irrespective of the season, our body has an optimum water requirement. Water is thus essential for all age groups, to avoid any kidney-related problems, or several water deficiency diseases like gastroenteritis or poor skin health or decreased urination. The Elderly can switch their morning cup of tea with immunity boosters’ herbal teas like ginger tea. Senior citizens can also opt for hot and healthy soups to boost immunity levels and keep lethargy away.

  • Avoid Walking in Dirty Water

Senior citizens must always wear anti-slippery footwear and avoid walking in dirty puddles which can be a breeding ground for germs which may lead to fungal infections.  Fungi and bacteria are more suspectable to survive in a damp environment in wet shoes and socks. If the feet get wet, it is advisable to, change footwear immediately and keep them for drying after cleaning them with a disinfectant.

  • Ensure Better Immunity

Rainy season brings waterborne and airborne diseases, common of them being cold, viral fever, and infectious diseases. Elderly have immunosuppressant systems and thus should eat well to build immunity. Of these, protein-rich dry fruits can be a better source. It is good to add a fistful of cashew, nuts, and almonds daily. However, it is advisable to check for nuts allergies if they are undergoing any health issues.

  • Avoid Crowded Places

Seniors are more like to be in the high-risk group to potentially catch contagious diseases like ear infections, coronavirus common cold, and eye infections. Consequently, elderly must avoid crowded places like shopping stores, and instead opt for online and contactless delivery.

  • Wash Fruits and Vegetables

To avoid the risk of infectious diseases and coronavirus infection, the elderly must wash vegetables and fruits thoroughly as soon as they are bought. It is good to avoid pre-cut fruits and vegetables this monsoon season, they can be potential germ carriers. It must be noted that bacterial infections are high in leafy vegetables like cabbage. Another tip is to boil green leafy vegetables in salt water before cooking to kill bacteria and toxins.

  • Maintain cleanliness

Personal cleanliness and surroundings hygiene are extremely important in the rainy season. Micro-organisms survive in the water stoked in plant pots, or water tanks. Before the on sought of the monsoon season, the elderly should keep their surroundings dry and clean.  If they have been out and drenched in rain, they must shower in warm water to protect from any infections. Diabetics must take extra care, protect their feet with shoes and socks, and avoid walking barefoot as far as possible.

  • Use Mosquito and Insect Repellents

Monsoon brings air-borne diseases like malaria and dengue. Stagnant water favours mosquito breeding and increases the instances of bugs, cockroaches, and other potential disease carrier pests. To avoid these dangerous monsoon diseases, senior citizens must use mosquito nets, repellents, and coils and keep their surroundings clean and dry.

  • Add Spices and Herbs to Meals

Senior citizens can consider supplementing herbs and spices to their diet to boost their immunity levels. These anti-inflammatory ingredients consisting of essential nutrients and antioxidants include garlic, turmeric, holy basil, cinnamon, ginger, etc are extremely useful for overall health and wellness.

  • Consume Pulses and Cereals

Pulses and cereals are a good source of proteins, iron, and minerals. They are safe to eat then green leafy vegetables which may be potential carriers of bacteria and worms. Elderly can consider soya beans, ragi, and cooked sprouts. Street food must be avoided as much as possible. A nutritional diet that includes home-cooked food, well-washed fruits, soups, and herbal tea, must be taken instead.

  • Smaller meals

Humidity is high during the rainy season, and it takes time for the body to digest food. Thus, it is advisable to have smaller and frequent meals instead of the larger ones. Senior citizen’s digestive system is vulnerable during the monsoon season, so it is good to stick to smaller light less spicy meals that can be digested easily.  

  • Stock on Hygiene Kits

Elderly must wash their feet and hands with antiseptic soap and try to stay away from germs contaminated dirty water. Infections especially coronavirus can spread from surface contamination. Hence, elderly must frequently wash their hands with a disinfectant handwash, keep sanitizer near and stock-up on liquid handwash, disinfectants, and hand sanitizers for the monsoon season.

  •  Exercise and Meditation

Senior citizens must not skip their walking, meditation, or exercises. If it is raining outside and exercising outdoors is not possible, they can practice meditation and yoga indoors for at least 30 minutes every day. Exercising helps with metabolism and keeping the mind stress free and discards the extra moisture and potentially harmful bacteria through sweat.

  • Avoid Damp Environs

Monsoon brings moisture and dampness which potentially can lead to molds and fungi, infestation causing serious skin infections and stomach disorders. Elderly with respiratory conditions need to take special care, for allergies and respiratory infections like sinus. They must make sure their house is well ventilated with abundant sunshine to soak the dampness.

Virtual Consultation and Medical Help

Going to a doctor may be a cause of stress and anxiety for senior citizens especially during this coronavirus pandemic. Hence, the elderly must stock up their regular dose of medication, prescriptions, and keep phone numbers of pharmacists and doctors handy for a virtual consultation.

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