Hot water Shower does more Harm than Good

Hot water Shower does more Harm than Good

The coldest season of the year is here bringing warm sips of coffee and marsh mellow dipped hot chocolate. The chilly mornings and foggy evenings witness the contention between hitting or skipping the daily shower. The reason? Lazy winter sleeping regime and warm clothes which are too tempting as an excuse not to use that cold shower gel. Though missing the daily shower regime may be tempting but it is not good for health in the long run.

As the winter shower is imperative, a shower with warm water is a must thing to do in this chilly season.

Shower Temperature Switch

According to Ayurveda, lukewarm water should be used for a bath while a head-wash should be done in cold water. The final water choice for the winter shower depends on several factors like age, personal habits, and health conditions. 

Hot Shower in the Chilly Winter Season

 We all feel lazy when it comes to bathing in the winters and are often tempted to skip it. If you are the one who is missing the winter showers, think again! A shower with warm water will not only be relaxing, but it will also make you feel more active throughout the day. After all, who does not love the warm foggy vapor while hitting for a winter shower?

Warm water shower is good for your health as well, as it-

  • Lowers blood sugar levels.
  • Helps you sleep faster.
  • Takes that muscle stiffness away.
  • Reduces headaches.
  • Relives cold/flu symptoms.

You must be wondering how hot your hot water shower should be, or whether a lukewarm water bath is better in this winter. Find it yourself in the next section.

The Bad behind that Hot Water shower

Though hot water showers are preferred, extremely hot water shower can cause skin irritation to the keratin skin cells which are located on the outer layer of our skin.

Hot water disrupts these cells and prevents them from locking in moisture. In extreme cases, they can also make certain skin conditions like eczema go bad.

Additionally, a hot water shower can increase blood pressure. If you or your dear ones deal with high blood pressure or cardiovascular diseases, taking a hot water shower can do worse than good.

Bad effects of the Hot Water Shower

Fan of the hot water showers?  You may have noticed the outer layer of your skin go dry and scaly. This indicates you are losing essential oils from your skin which is making them go dry.

Unfortunately, winters aggravate this problem as they absorb moisture from the skin causing cracks.  In addition to causing harm to the skin hot water dries the hair taking its essential oils away, which can cause scratchy split ends.

Hot and Cold Shower Therapy

Too much of everything is bad, and this applies to your Hot winter showers as well. The frequent hot showers and baths can cause dry skin, rashes, and cracks. Instead of opting for the hot water shower opt for a cooler or lukewarm shower. A lukewarm shower just a few times a week has the power to keep the skin hydrated, and the hairs strong and healthy.

The next question is how hot is lukewarm water? The perfect temperature is somewhere between hot and cold, which is not too hot neither too cold for your skin. 

The Lukewarm Benefits

  • Lukewarm water can ensure that your facial cleanser holds the right foaming action removing the dirt from the skin, keeping the essential oils intact.
  • Lukewarm water promotes good blood circulation by cooling the body temperature, unlike the hot water shower which does the opposite.
  • Hot water shower may result in inflammation if the skin is over-exposed. Extremely hot water can cause redness and skin to peel off in extreme cases.
  • The heat has the power to dissolve natural oils, which can lead to a deficiency in the skin microbiome. This skin microbiome is responsible to keep your skin moisturized and protected.
  • Excessive heat coming from the hot water shower increases the blood pressure, not just in winter months but in the summer months as well. Lukewarm water not only balances the temperature but controls blood pressure.

Skin Care in Winters

Our skin is our body’s first line of defense thus it is important to take proper care of it. The chilling winter months demand extra special care. Skin dryness, cracks, and scaling should not be avoided as it may lead to serious consequences in the future.

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