Too Much Of Screen Time Are Your Eyes Strained

Too Much Of Screen Time Are Your Eyes Strained

Call it the advantage or bane of the 21st century, but the truth is “we” including “you” and “I” are glued to our computer screens, tablets, mobile screens maximum time that we are awake. Look around you and there are 100% chances that, you will see at least one person engrossed into his or her phone, smart tablets and computer screens. It is a well-known adage that too much of everything is bad and the same applies to too much of screen time as well. 

An individual’s screen time has indeed increased exponentially in the past decade from a few hours to about 11 hours of screen time a day according to reports by leading researchers. Why is too much screen time bad? Read below to find it out yourself!

Weight Gains

Have you wondered that as little as two hours of TV a day can substantially increase the risk of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart disease, weight gain in adults? The blaming factors include less sleep, binge eating habits and sedentary lifestyle when engrossed into a screen.

Eyesight Concerns

Looking at a screen for extended periods can indeed cause computer vision syndrome among kids and adults, the symptoms include dry eyes, strained and blurred vision, with headaches.

Chronic Back and Neck pain

Poor posture when using screens combined with can cause chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain.

Sleep Deficit

Several studies link smartphone and heavy computer use to increased sleeping issues. The blue light beaming out from digital devices suppresses the sleep-promoting hormone melatonin, which pulls us back from having a peaceful sleep.

Behaviour problems

As technology becomes more accessible, youth and children of today cannot imagine a world without smartphones, tabs, laptop, or the internet. Digital Devices offer hours of educational content, entertainment in addition to, the harmful unlimited screen time.

Increased screen time is the reason behind psychological stress as well. Psychological stress is especially noted with school-age children who watch TV or work on a computer for more than 2 hours a day. Studies point out that the probability of them having emotional, social and attention problems are more than the average.

So how does one restrict themselves from the harmful effects of too much screen time? Here are some pointers-

  • One must restrict digital devices during family meals.
  • Bedrooms should be without any screen time for peaceful sleep
  • Restricting screen time during driving and outings

Eye Care

Too much screen time affects eyes, and in the long run, may lead to harmful consequences. Eyes are one of our most important vitals. Long instances of screen time impact the eyes, causing them to go dry and irritable. So, what do you do to contain the damage of the regular screen time? These are the tips which would help-

Healthy Eating:

Healthy vision is often credited to healthy eating. A Balanced diet, rich in vitamin and minerals is the key. Keep up the supplies of green leafy veggies, fruits and foods containing omega-3 fatty acids for bright twinkling eyes.

Know your family’s medical history:

Knowing your family’s health history is equally important. Some eye diseases are inherited, which may increase the risk of you having them, Thus it is important to know the health history of your family so that you can control the risk of suffering from them.

Regular Check-ups:

Regular eye check-ups are important, a visit to an Ophthalmologist near you would let you know the state of your eyes, and how to care for them. The intelligent Gigadocs app helps you to book an appointment with best eye specialists near you, at your convenience. Through Gigadocs you will never miss your follow up appointments. You will be reminded through calls, and push notifications thus ensuring your eyes, the most important vitals remain healthy, a step closer to your overall wellness.

Digital Detox

Effective means to curb the screen time involves not only restricting oneself beyond a few hours but also it is important to consider a break for the whole family. Important steps towards Digital Detox include keeping a tab on one’s vitals, exercising regularly, creating a screen-free night once a week and so on. Restricting screen time is good for everyone’s physical and emotional health, in addition, to maintaining a strong bond with family and friends.

  • Keeping a tab on one’s health is important as well. Digital Apps like Gigadocs helps in managing one’s health through helping individuals to keep a tab on their vitals through the click of a button.
  • In addition to curbing screen-time, what is important is to maintain a regular doctor check-up for the overall well-being of oneself. Practice management software like Gigadocs helps individuals with their doctor appointments and ensures that they don’t miss them by sending constant reminders and notifications.
  • Gigadocs also helps to book doctor appointment according to one’s choice, which is as simple as the click of a button. Also, it helps to maintain a calendar for doctor visits.
  • For those with impaired eyes owing to more screen timings, Gigadocs helps to book the best eyes specialist in areas closer to their preference according to the speciality.

So, what are you waiting for? Restrict that screen-time and leave the rest to Gigadocs. To know more drop us an email at

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