Celebrating Cherry Month- The Antioxidants behind the multivitamin Cherry Fruit

Cherries are delicious, packed with antioxidants and taste equally good. Cherries come in different forms, like the black cherry (rum cherry) packed with nutrients, the favorite yellow sweet Royal Ann cherry or the sour tart dwarf Montmorency cherry. The multivitamin antioxidant fruit was brought to the USA from Europe with the first American settlers. 

The popularity of the fruit is marked by the National Cherry Festival, an annual event that dates back to 1912 when the Unites States was gifted 3,000 cherry trees by Japan representing the symbol of friendship between two nations. Besides, if you have looked closely, a single cherry looks like a little heart, and February is celebrated as the month of love. In short, February and Cherries just go together.

Powerhouse of Multivitamins

Cherries are super healthy.

Do you know, that Cherries are of two major categories?

Sour cherry (tart cherry or dwarf cherry or Prunus Cerasus L) and sweet cherries (wild cherries or Prunus avium L) vary in color from yellow to deep blackish-red respectively. Both these varieties are packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber and are super nutritious.

How much does one cup (154 grams) of cherries contain?

  • Copper: 5% of the Daily Value (DV)
  • Manganese: 5% of the DV
  • Vitamin C: 18% of the DV
  • Potassium: 10% of the DV
  • Carbs: 25 grams
  • Fiber: 3 grams
  • Protein: 2 grams
  • Calories: 97

As the season change, we are sure you must have relished on fresh cherries as a favorite summer treat. Cherries are a storehouse of vitamin A, B, C, and E which work together to improve hair growth, blood circulation, skin health, reduce cancer risk, help in managing stress and many other critical bodily processes.

Besides, cherries are an excellent source of fiber, a blessing to the digestive system healthy promoting the growth of good gut bacteria and bowel regularity.

Antioxidants to Healthy Living

Cherry fruits are packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds which help in combating oxidative stress, which may lead to premature ageing and multiple chronic diseases.

Both the types of cherries, tart cherries and sweet cherry fruit are especially high in polyphenols, which promote overall health, fight cellular damage, and protect against critical conditions like diabetes, heart disease, certain cancers, and mental conditions.

Benefits of eating Cherry Fruit

Relives exercise-induced Cramps and Pains

For regular gym workouts, the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds in cherries are excellent to soothe exercise-induced damage, inflammation and muscle pains.

Tart cherry juice has been found to fasten muscle recovery, prevent strength loss among athletes and marathon runners. Also, cherry fruit products may enhance exercise performance benefiting non-athletes and gym-goers as well.

Cherry for Heart

 Rich in potassium and polyphenol antioxidants, known to promote heart health cherry fruit is a tasty way to protect your heart. A single cup (154 grams) of sweet cherries provides 10% of the Daily Value for potassium which is an essential ingredient to keep your heart healthy.

What’s more, cherry for the heart is a powerful storehouse of powerful antioxidants, including flavonols, catechins, and anthocyanins promoting a healthy heart by reducing inflammation and protecting against cellular damage.

Cherries for Gout

Have a troubling arthritis pain? Consume cherries, cherry juice for Arthritis is proven to be a tonic. Researches point that people who ate cherries or supplemented it with an organic cherry juice were 37% less likely to suffer from gout attacks than those who did not have any cherry intake.

Cherries contain very high levels of quercetin and anthocyanins which have anti-inflammatory properties which may help to slow down the process leading to changes in bones in the gout-affected joints.

Tart cherry juice for a Good Sleep

Do you know that tart cherry juice promotes sleep? Tart cherries contain melatonin, a substance promoting sleep-wake cycle.

Expert studies have shown that people who drank tart cherry juice concentrate for a week experienced a significant increase in their melatonin levels helping in sleep quality and sleep duration. In another study, adults with insomnia who had tart cherry juice for a week increased their sleep time by 84 minutes by drinking 1 cup (240 ml) of tart cherry juice before bed.

Snacking on Cherry Fruit

We all carve for a sugar rush every once in a while. Before you reach your hands to that junk food, consider the humble cherry fruit. Cherries pack a sweet punch; one cup contains only 87 calories and a minuscule amount of fat. Also, a serving contains three grams of fiber with no artificial ingredients.

Cherry fruit both sweet and tart varieties taste yummy and pair excellently with many foods. Cherries can be juiced, baked, grilled, jammed dried, and even put in cocktails. Furthermore, other forms of cherries like cherry powder, cherry juice, dried cherries, make an interesting addition to many recipes.

In a crux, Cherries are highly nutritious and offer a host of health benefits. Regular consumption of cherries boost heart health, aid in the speedy recovery after exercise and improve sleep patterns.

Cherries for Wellness

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