Technology Makes It Easy To Consult The Doctor Of Your Choice

Technology Makes It Easy To Consult The Doctor Of Your Choice

Medical care has always been of vital importance across ages. In today’s dynamic times, it is true that some patients have to wait weeks to see a GP, which makes no surprise that consulting a ‘digital doctor’ has soared in popularity.

  • Technology is bringing a sea change across sectors by addressing traditional challenges, and healthcare is no different.
  • With advent of new technologies, healthcare has seen massive change which has eased the tedious task of booking a specialist appointment through the touch of a thumb enabling patients to store, access and manage their medical records all in an easy to access digital format.
  • Technology enables patients to book an appointment with their favourite doctors.
  • An efficient technology platform like Gigadocs helps the patient to manage the healthcare of his/her entire family in one place offering a seamless experience while booking appointments with their preferred doctors. 
  • Gigadocs’ s vibrant eco-system serves every aspect of healthcare management from simple doctor consultations to centralizing and maintaining patient’s vitals history, clinical reports, billing, clinic expense management and medicine inventory management.

Also, with changing technical domains, healthcare is witnessing a shift from the traditional paper-based method to elaborate electronic health record systems. Healthcare, when integrated with technology, moves beyond the brick and mortar constraints and adds new digital infrastructure to ensure more efficient service delivery. Additionally, digitization makes it possible for the existence of a centralized database bringing together all aspects of a patients’ health, which reduce the risk of medical errors. With visible advantages, many healthcare institutions around the world have moved to full digitization of medical solutions including channels, products and digital processes.

What Digital Appointment Booking popular?


Technology has made doctor consultation booking easier, as they offer quick and easy access for patients with an option to choose medical consultations from their favourite doctors at the click of a single button.


With the help of booking specialist consultation through an app, patients can consult doctors quickly, usually within a few hours. The ease of access adds to speed, as patients can search a specialized doctor near their area and book appointment with a click of a button which saves a lot of time


With the advent of Technologies, healthcare providers save patient’s health records in the app or their online Gigadocs account. This enables doctors and patients to access their information anytime, anywhere, thus giving the advantage to read, store and manage their health records more comprehensively.

Electronic records make health data more accessible

Electronic patient records have made data more accessible, thus empowering patients to make informed decisions regarding their treatment.

Improve accuracy of Treatment

Digital support helps healthcare providers improve the accuracy of treatment as they have access to cross-speciality knowledge and can keep up with medical practice developments. This will help to achieve better-personalized patient care as well!

Medical Expense Management

Technology aided consultations allow patients and their family to save unnecessary costs which often result from dependence on hospital admissions. Patients fix their doctor’s appointment based on their preferences and their location, which saves them time and helps in efficient medical expense management.

Digitization simplifies patient Care 

Patient life cycle stage depends highly on both patients and healthcare professionals, in this process collecting and communicating health indicators forms a vital component. The Gigadocs search engine helps patients get an appointment with the best doctors, at a click of a button thus easing their medical journey and thus simplifying patient care management.

In a crux, technology aided consultations have led to improved healthcare giving the best medical facilities access to patients, thus letting them manage their own healthcare.

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