Why nurses are the backbone of our healthcare system?

International Nurses Day: Honouring Nurses for their Selfless services

Nurses are the backbone of the healthcare system. We cannot imagine how our healthcare mechanism would be without compassionate nurses amid the current pandemic.  A nurse is so much more than a medical professional. As caregivers and healthcare providers, they take up so many different roles that it’s hard to encompass them all under one work title.

International Nurses Day

International Nurses Day, or IND, is a worldwide remembrance honouring these devoted caregivers. Nurses’ day has a long tradition dating back to the late 1800s, when “The Lady with the Lamp” — or Florence Nightingale established modern nursing.

Nightingale and her colleagues reduced the death rate in the Crimean War from 42% to 2% by caring for the wounded soldiers, paving the way for modern-day nursing. Since then, 12th May is observed as the International Council of Nurses (ICN) to commemorate the selfless work of the nurses across the world.

Nurses- The backbone of medical care

Doctors diagnose patients, prescribe medications, and perform surgeries, but their roles would be impossible without nurses. Nurses are on the front lines every day, interacting with patients and saving lives.

They are the primary force behind delivering pre-and post-operative treatment, monitoring medicine dosage & intravenous infusions, taking patient samples- temperatures, blood pressures and pulses. They treat wounds and, in many cases, care for critically ill patients around the clock.

Battling Stress During Covid19

Nurses who have had COVID-19, lost family members, or are in the covid management and treatment teams are inevitably more vulnerable to emotional distress. According to researches, COVID-19 could put medical professionals and healthcare workers at high risk for mental health disorders, including anxiety and depression.

Healthcare workers on the frontline are experiencing burnout of another kind when it comes to battling the virus – working without a break in stressful situations, wearing PPE for 6-7 hours at a stretch, watching patients’ condition deteriorate, fear of contracting the virus and death of colleagues is affecting healthcare professionals on the frontlines of the covid-19 battle.

When they take off their PPE kits to return home, the fear of endangering their family sets in, the scarcity of testing kits and hospital beds, the race to find a vaccine, and India’s inability to contain the virus are all debated. However, the mental health of our healthcare staff stays out of the discussion, leaving their voices unheard and concerns unanswered.

Healthcare staff and medical practitioners have shown exceptional mental strength and physical endurance battling all the odds. Healthcare workers, and doctors, nurses are grateful to be able to serve their country in these difficult times, which is now the most seriously affected in terms of covid cases.

Healthcare with Gigadocs

According to mental health experts and stakeholders, addressing the scarcity of mental health services necessitates action at various levels.

Nurses who have to spend countless hours in the hospitals without breaks must keep in mind that physical separation from friends and family does not always imply social isolation. We can use technology in various ways to remain linked and provide and receive support (remotely).

Connect with Technology

Technology is effective to call friends and family by phone, email, or video chat and relieve that stress. Health tech app like Gigadocs facilitates nurses to speak to a digital counsellor and discuss their stress levels thereby gaining a more positive outlook and enable them to focus better at work.

Concentrate on the core values

Consider what is meaningful and what it takes to live your beliefs in the present. Unwind by reading, resting or hearing soothing music to alleviate stress.

Compassion is a virtue to practise

As healthcare workers, it is difficult, and there is a lot of pressure to adjust to a new way of life. As nurses, it is essential to allow yourself and others to experience a great deal of compassion. Recognize that this is a challenging time and take a break whenever you can manage.

Practice kindness

Speak to yourself kindly and without judgement, do something calming and comforting, and forgive yourself for feeling overwhelmed.

Gigadocs wishes every nurse a very happy nurses’ day, it’s only because of your sincere efforts that together we will fight and win the Covid battle. Here is how you can download the Gigadocs app to unlock the true potential of digital healthcare for you and your family’s health management-

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