Read how to make new year resolutions list that work for 2021

How to Make Successful New Year Resolutions for 2021?

New Year is synonymous with new hope to become a better version of oneself than the previous year. For many of us, this is the time to reflect on the personal, professional, or physical changes we would like to beckon.  

When we speak of changes, the talk of “new year resolutions” echoes loud. These resolutions get us thinking about what we want to accomplish. Despite all our efforts once the new year is over, many of us fail to keep up with the promises that we made at the beginning of the year.  However, unfortunately, between the holiday season merriment and the pressure to get back to work, the first week of the new year may get relatively stressful. That is where it gets complicated.  

 Do you know a little less than half of the people succeed in fulfilling their new year resolutions? Studies put that figure to a dismal 46%. A popular adage says that promises are easy to make, but it needs determination and hard work to turn them into reality.

To help you succeed, here are the ways to make your New Year Resolutions work for 2021-

Focus on one change

Do not pick a new year goal by concentrating on multiple to-do lists. Instead, focus on the most vital task. Picking multiple targets will divide your concentration and you will struggle to achieve even one of them.

When you get successful with one target, go ahead and aim for another goal. Setting small but achievable goals would offer you the breathing space to aim and achieve more in a bit more realistic way. Besides, don’t pick a target that is bound to fail, like aiming for a mountain hike when you are severely overweight and get out of breath walking upstairs. Instead aim to shed weight, then build stamina-strength and finally aim to hike. 

Plan smart

When it comes to setting resolutions, one tends to set goals that are either too difficult or targeted to achieve in a very short time frame, which leads to major setbacks.  Instead, you can plan for targets that are goal specific, easy to measure, assess, achieve, and relevant to your wellbeing, and attainable within a specific time frame. Go for a SMART goal setting framework that goes a long way in achieving your goals-  

  • Specific – Explain the goal of the resolution as clearly as possible. For example, quitting cigarette smoking may be a deterring connotation. Instead, focus on the advantages that ditching smoking can give- improved circulation, better heart rate, superior oxygen levels, fitter lung function, and lower blood pressure. In about nine months you will experience less coughing and would significantly decrease the risk of sinus congestion.   
  • Measurable – Set targets that are measurable, it will help you to analyze your achievements and take corrective actions if any.  For instance, in one month I will reduce my sugar intake by half. Measurable goals will help you to assess your performance and track your resolution goals. 
  • Attainable- Plan to achieve a target that is difficult yet possible. If you are unaccustomed to walking, aiming to walk ten thousand steps a day will probably be pretty hard to achieve. Instead, plan for shorter attainable goals. Begin with walking 2K steps, then advance to 5K, 8K, and then ultimately 10K. If you aim to save, then don’t just say, “My 2021 resolution is to save money”; instead ideate how you will save, having a percentage of your paycheck automatically credited to your savings account is an intelligent start. In this way, you would set small targets, until you accomplish the larger goal.
  • Relevant – Plan for relevant targets that keep you motivated. For instance, if you are planning a hiking or trekking trip, train for rigorous walking and cardio. This will not only keep you motivated but make you run that extra mile to achieve a fitter version of yourself.
  • Timed – It is important to set a clock to your resolutions, this will make you disciplined and focussed to achieve them. You can even reward yourself when you achieve your targets within the time frame.  A reward adds to the enthusiasm of achieving more ambitious goals.

Share with your friends and family

Discussing your new year goals with your family and friends will make you more determined to achieve them. Surround yourself with people who enquire about your progress and encourage you to achieve more. You will feel more accountable when you repeat your goals among your loved ones.

Anticipate problems

Let us face it, when there are targets, there are bound to be hiccups. Do not get disheartened by small failures. Think of them as a learning curve and have a plan B ready. It is wise to accommodate failures and what-if scenarios. Once you have identified the possible tough times, it will be hard work and meticulous planning that will help you with ways to cope when setbacks inevitably crop up.

Know when to begin

Picking the right start date is as important as the plan itself. Though it is conventional wisdom to start our new year plans on the first day of the year, begin when you are well-rested, enthusiastic, and surrounded with positive energy. Sometimes merely picking a date doesn’t work, it is better to wait when you are psychologically ready to take up the challenge 

Automate where possible

Seek the help of technology to steadfast the routine tasks at hand. Harnessing technology like smart calendar, Smart Calendars now helps you to follow your schedules by providing reminders and keeps you updated with all the information that you need at your fingertips.  

Taking care of one’s health is another important new year goal. Regular automated notifications from the Gigadocs practice management app never lets you miss any of your doctor appointments and helps you to keep an eye on your new year healthcare schedule. 

Take a break and reward yourself

Following the ambitious new year resolution may get excruciating. Exercising self-restraint calls for hard work. Take a break and find something that will take your mind off your resolutions. Once you have completed a milestone, get some fresh air, choose a reward that is unrelated to your goal.

Don’t give up too easily

If you have followed the above steps, and yet did not meet your goal, don’t get demotivated. Be happy that you took a sincere effort and adopted some great practices that take you a step closer to happy and healthy wellbeing.

Move ahead and try again, you don’t have to wait for another new year to strike midnight for setting resolutions and plans.

Summing up, the yearly ritual of resolution setting does not have to be an annual disappointment. The difference between success and failure may be as simple as choosing and setting the right goal. How you strategize to achieve your goals is equally important. Remember to be kind, flexible with your plans and goals. Take a break to celebrate your progress.

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