Is Diet Plan in your New Year Resolutions List?

Diet Plan and Health Tips for the New Year

2020 has been a testing time for all of us. It was a year where immunity and health shared the utmost priority to fight the deadly Coronavirus pandemic. Though, we are just a few days away from the new year 2021, thinking of the year ahead signifies a fresh start for many. For some, new year resolutions mean following a strict diet plan and for many, it would be setting new health goals, like losing weight, following a healthier diet, or even starting an exercise routine.

However, we like it or not, more often our health and wellness planed around the new year resolutions may get highly restrictive and unsustainable! Sticking to new year resolutions is not easy. That’s the reason why many of us make the same new year resolutions year after year and break them within a few weeks. The gift of good health is valuable, and to help you achieve that, we have compiled a list of workout do’s and don’ts that are easier to follow (and equally tougher to break!)

Easy Diet Plan for the New Year

  • Eat Frequently

Gone are the days when three meals a day was enough. Changing lifestyles demand frequent small meals. Good new year habit would include picking the correct mix of food rich in proteins and fiber content.

Having one small meal at every two-hour interval will not only keep you in shape but also make you feel active and shun that lethargy away.  

  • Choose your Cooking Fat Carefully

Many of us may think of how cooking oil (fat) is related to diet and healthy living? The answer lies in choosing fat (either ghee/ butter/ oils) high in MUFA (a mono-unsaturated fat), characterised by their ability to control bad cholesterol. MUFA -rich cooking fat includes Sunflower oil (85% MUFA), Olive oil (75% MUFA), Mustard oil (60% MUFA), and Canola oil (58% MUFA).

  • No Skipping Meals

If skipping even one meal (for most of us break-fast!) is a part of your routine; then beware of the consequences. Skipping meals should be avoided. If that happens, our body goes into ketosis mode. That may lead to constipation, nutrient deficiencies, low blood pressure, kidney stones, and an increased risk of heart disease, which we definitely would not like to invite this new year.

  • Include Whole Foods

Adding whole foods to your diet plan is not only healthy but is one of the most sustainable ways to wellness. These include vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and fish that are a storehouse of nutrients that your body needs to function at its best.

Multiple studies point that following a whole-food-based diet may reduce body weight, blood sugar levels, heart disease risk, and decrease the susceptibility to type 2 diabetes. If you are a new starter to whole foods, remember to add them slowly to your diet. For example, if you don’t like vegetables, consider adding one serving of your favorite veggie daily as your new year’s diet resolution.

  • Cut on Sweets

Processed sugar directly increases one’s risk of obesity, insulin resistance, dental cavities, fatty liver, and heart disease. Though sugar-based food and drinks may appear tasty, they are slow poison. In the beginning, it may be difficult to cut all the sugar, start by slowly minimizing your sugar intake. In the long term, this would help you to kick your sugar habit for good.

  • Prefer Home Cooked Meals

Lockdown has taught all of us to head to the kitchen for wholesome home-cooked healthy meals. Studies point those who cook their meals at home, have control over their portion size. They have a better diet quality compared to those who prefer ordering their meals.

A study conducted among over 11,000 adults found that those who ate an average of five home-cooked meals per week were 28% less likely to be overweight, compared to those who had three meals.

  • Workout

Food controls 80% of your heath, while 20% of it is controlled by workouts, exercises, and an active lifestyle. While a healthy food diet may be a part of your new year resolution, breaking down the fat is equally important! Add a workout to shed the fat, try yoga, or go for cardio exercises like running, swimming, cycling, and do not forget to take that facemask along.  

  • Limit Alcohol Intake

A good cheer is all that we go for when the clock strikes midnight on 31st December! But practice self-control and drink within limits. Not only is alcohol harmful to your new year resolution, but it also increases your risk of liver cirrhosis, depression, cancer, and heart disease.

  • Wisely Choose Your Snacks

Having small frequent meals is not an easy task! Between tasty and healthy food, choose healthily. Add dry fruits, raw nuts, sprouts, fresh fruits to your snack plan. Fruits and sprouts are high on fiber and digest slowly, this would make you feel full and not crave unhealthy fast food.

  • Unplug Once a Week 

Covid-19 has made us all acknowledge the fact technology is an incredible resource for work, calling our loved ones, or learning a new skill. Lockdown stress has made many of us obsessed with checking social media sites, endless hours of internet surfing, or playing games. However, too much of anything is dangerous.

Unplug your laptop/ OTT platforms/ Social Media addiction for a day, and instead spend that time amidst nature and your loved ones.

  • Bond with Pets 

Pet owners have added advantages. Pet owners have lower blood pressure, higher self-confidence, and low instances of depression compared to people who don’t have pets. If you are an animal/ bird lover spend some time with them in the new year to relieve that stress away.

  • Get Sleep 

Sleep and wellness bond together. Adequate hours of sleep heal your tiredness away. Don’t overestimate the value of sleep. Adults need at least seven hours of sleep to regenerate and stabilize their energy levels. Children need more sleep hours to help build their immunity levels. Sleep makes you live longer, sharpens memory, and lowers stress levels.

Don’t Ignore Healthcare Check-Ups

Whether you belong to any age group, aim to get your health check-ups like blood count, BP, heart rate, and necessary screenings done regularly. This will help spot potential health problems before they become more serious.

Book a specialist consultation on the Gigadocs practice management app and consult the best specialists for yourself and your loved one’s regular check-up’s. A healthier new year resolution and taking better care of your body and mind will build your immunity and improve your wellness.

Gigadocs wishes you and your family and friends a happy, healthy 2021.

Happy New Year!

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