How Can we Emotionally Support Someone Suffering from Cancer?

World Rose Day- How Can we Emotionally Support Someone Suffering from Cancer?

Cancer patients must have a strong will to overcome their disease’s mental and psychological effects. It frequently depletes your physical, mental, and financial resources. Read the following numbers-

  • In low- and lower-middle-income countries, cancer-causing infections like hepatitis and HPV account for 30% of cancer cases.
  • One-third of cancer-related deaths are attributed to a lack of fruits and vegetables, a lack of exercise, tobacco use, obesity, and alcohol consumption.
  • Cancer is the leading cause of death in the world, accounting for nearly one out of every six deaths.
  • The most common types of Cancer include rectum, lung, colon, prostate, and breast cancer.

The five-year cancer survival rate in India is broken down by cancer type.

India: Cancer survival rate
Prostate cancer 99%
Thyroid cancer 97%
Melanoma cancer 92%
Breast cancer 89%
Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer 86%
Endometrial cancer 84%
Bladder cancer 81%
Cervical cancer 73%
Rectum cancer 67%
Kidney cancer 67%
All cancers66%
Colon cancer 65%

Now that we know the survival rates of various types of cancer let us look at how we can emotionally support and assist someone suffering from cancer-

How Can We Emotionally Support and Assist Someone Suffering from Cancer?

  •  Emotional support remains one of the most important aspects of cancer treatment. Fighting a potentially fatal disease takes its toll on cancer patients. We should help our loved ones with the care and protection they need while battling cancer. 
  • People express their concern and tenderness in the face of this severe disease by giving roses to cancer patients and caregivers. Cancer treatments are extremely taxing on the body and mind of those afflicted. Most people are traumatized by the changes their bodies undergo due to this disease’s ravaging nature.

On September 22, the world celebrates World Rose Day to honor cancer survivors and raise awareness about cancer survival:

World Rose Day

World Rose day is observed in memory of Melinda Rose, a 12-year-old Canadian girl diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer, and her efforts to bring joy and hope into the lives of other patients despite her disease.

Rose Day aims to bring joy and optimism into cancer survivors’ lives and remind them that they are fighters beating cancer.

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