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World Day Against Child Labor – How Does Child Labor Affect a Child’s Health?

Over the years, child Labor has decreased by 38%. However, more than 150 million children are affected by child labor and add to the worsening impacts of Covid 19. Child labor is prevalent in many parts of the world, and it occurs in various industries, with negative educational, health, and psychological consequences for children.

Child labor can have a negative impact on a child’s social development because the child spends more time working than playing with peers and learning how to interact properly. Adolescents who work are also negatively affected. Teenagers who work more than 20 hours per week are more likely to engage in risky social behaviors such as drug abuse and aggression.

Child labor also affects a child’s overall development, and they are likely to perform badly in school and be behind at their studies.

World Day Against Child Labor

June 12th is World Day against Child Labor, an annual observance that aims to promote global child labor. It’s an international day celebrated to take action to end all forms of child labor.

Despite the fact that child labor is most prevalent in low-income countries, it is prevalent in middle-income countries as well. Child labor affects 9% of all children in lower-middle-income countries and 7% in upper-middle-income countries.

Child labor – Health effects

Children engaged in child labor are seen as isolated and depressed, which prevents them from developing happy memories and are exposed to physical and mental abuse.

They are more likely to experience developmental delays due to the high health risks associated with dangerous working conditions and performing physical tasks beyond their capabilities. Children forced to work long hours are frequently smaller than those allowed to play and grow naturally. Malnutrition is common among these children, leading to other serious health and mental problems later in life.

The ramifications are enormous. Child labor can cause serious physical and mental harm and death. It can lead to economic starvation, denying children access to education and health care, and weakening their futures.   

Every Child Deserves a Doctor

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