Do you know the health gains of a bicycle ride?

World Bicycle Day: Do you know the Health Gains of a Bicycle Ride?

Cycling is a healthy aerobic exercise benefiting your blood vessels, lungs and heart. Cycling has prolonged health benefits, including breathing deeper, sweating more, and having a higher body temperature, which will improve your overall fitness.

The benefits of regular cycling include-

  • Stronger bones
  • Lower body fat levels
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Increased muscle flexibility and strength
  • Better joint mobility
  • Reduced stress levels, better posture, and coordination
  • Anxiety and depression management

Cycling and Health Benefits

Cycling improves your mental and physical health. It even reduces your risk of developing several health problems. Here is how cycling can be healthy for you-

Cycling for weight management and obesity

Cycling is very healthy for you. It builds your muscle, increases metabolism rate, and burns body fat. Combine cycling with a healthy eating plan if you want to lose weight. Cycling is a healthy form of exercise that lets you adjust your intensity levels that suits your need.

Do you know that cycling burns your energy by 300 calories per hour? According to research carried out in Britain- daily half an hour of cycling burns about 5 kg of fat every year!

Cardio Health and Cycling

Cycling regularly improves your heart and lowers your risk of heart disease. Cycling is good for your heart health; it even stimulates your heart rate and reduces your risk of catching heart disease.

Cycling improves your muscle strength, lowers your risk of fat levels, and is also good for the environment. Cycle commuters are exposed to three times fewer pollution levels than vehicle commuters. Regular cycling reduces your risk of heart disease, according to a Danish study conducted for over 30,000 people aged 20-93.

Diabetes and Cycling

According to research carried out in Finland, regular cyclists had 40% less chance of developing Diabetes. The instances of type 2 diabetes are rising credit to our sedentary lifestyles and fast-food eating habits. Those who cycle have a lesser chance of developing diabetes. A 30 min of cycling reduces the risk of acquiring diabetes by 40%.

Cycling Arthritis and Bone Injuries

Cycling improves balance, strength, and coordination. It even aids in preventing falls and fractures. Cycling is an excellent exercise for those suffering from osteoarthritis. It is a low-impact activity and puts less strain on joints.

Because cycling is not a weight-bearing exercise, it does not help with osteoporosis (a bone-thinning disease).

Cycling and Mental Illness

Regular bike riding can help people with mental health issues like depression, stress, and anxiety. This is due to the exercise’s benefits and the enjoyment that riding a bike can provide.

World Bicycle Day 
The 3rd of June is World Bicycle Day, highlighting the advantages of cycling as a simple, affordable, clean, environmentally friendly, and sustainable mode of transportation. Bicycling contributes to cleaner air and less traffic and makes education, health care, and other social services more accessible to those who are most vulnerable.

Riding a Bicycle: Risks and Safety

Many people avoid cycling because they are concerned about their safety. There are, however, several ways to make cycling safer and less stressful, including the following:

  • Getting medical advice: People with certain medical conditions may worry about their fitness, health, accidents, or falling off their bicycle. It’s possible that they should consult a doctor about cycling safety. They might also think about gentle indoor cycling as a safer option.
  • Wearing a helmet: Research suggests that wearing a helmet while cycling outdoors reduces the risk of severe head injuries in a bicycle crash by around 50%.
  • Cycling clothing: Cycling clothing often includes bright colors and reflective materials, which help motorists see cyclists. Fabrics with fibers that control moisture from sweating can also help to prevent chafing. A thick pad is often found on bicycle shorts to provide cushioning.

Cycling and Healthcare

Cycling is also a suitable activity for most people, and it is something that many people can incorporate into their daily routine. People can also take safety precautions to make cycling safer by wearing safety equipment, selecting a suitable bicycle, and cycling in less polluted areas.

Cycling has several health benefits, and regular exercise can help reduce the risk of a variety of serious illnesses and lengthen one’s lifespan. Cycling can help with cardiovascular, lung, and mental health. We at Gigadocs wish you a very happy World Bicycle Day and urge you to do cycling to stay fit and live a healthy life.

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