How can Parents help Children Learn Life Lessons

Parents are the First Teachers: Let’s Honor them this Teacher’s Day

The future of a nation lies on the shoulders of its children, and teachers have an equally responsible role to play.

As parents, you are already a role model and an influence for your child. Your youngster is watching every word you say, every action you do, and every reaction you have to someone or something. Here is how you influence your kid being a parent-

  • Parents as role models for infants- Infants learn linguistic skills by watching their parents communicate.
  • Preschoolers’ parents as role models- Following the Covid pandemic, homeschooling has grown in popularity, and preschoolers and school-aged children rely entirely on their parents for online education and remote learning.
  • Parents as Teenage Role Models- Teenagers pay attention to what their parents say and watch what they do, observing how they deal with everything from interpersonal relations to anxiety to professional highs and lows.

You are already a role model, which explains why it becomes so important to set a good example for children as often as possible.

Teachers Day 2021
Teachers’ Day is celebrated on September 5th to honor teachers’ contributions to society. This Day marks the birth anniversary of  On September 5th, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, an excellent teacher and a firm believer in education. Dr. Radhakrishnan was a well-known diplomat, scholar, President of India, and teacher.Teacher’s Day is significant for learners because it allows them to recognize their teachers’ efforts that help them receive knowledge and education.Teacher’s Day is observed to recognize the difficulties, struggles, and unique contributions that teachers, especially our parents, play in our lives.

Parents as the First Educators, and Influencers

Setting a good example for your children is a great way to get the best out of them, whether you’re training an infant to talk or struggling to connect with your teenager. Many of the most critical ways to role model are actions you already do on a daily basis. Be aware that your child is learning from what they see you do. Here are actions you need to be mindful of yourself-

  • Give Respect- Consider how you communicate with and treat your friends, family, neighbors, and even yourself. Would you greet a stranger on the street or hold a store door open for someone? By seeing you, your child is learning how to regard other people and institutions. This includes how you speak about school, so use caution when talking about your child’s class, teacher, or the officials. Your youngster picks up on your sense of self-worth as well. Because your child will emulate you, appreciate and respect yourself.
  • Attentive Communication- Do you wish your child should communicate more frequently? Then consider how you use language to harm, criticize, or quarrel with others. Give your child your undivided attention and be attentive to how and when you speak. Words have a lot of power. If you show your child how cruel and disrespectful words can be, they will follow suit.  
  • Positive Outlook- Is your youngster afraid/ anxious and sad?  Do you see things with a positive outlook? It’s possible that the pessimism starts at home. Think before you react the next time you make a mistake, such as a dinner gone bad. Then remember to chuckle and say how fortunate you are to be able to order takeout. Simple (and not-so-serious) errors are frequently the ideal opportunity to model good conduct.
  • Value Health- Are you having trouble persuading your youngster to consume healthier foods or watch less television? They wouldn’t follow healthy habits on their own! Show them how to do it! Sit down with them and share healthy meals and snacks, limit your own TV viewing time, and plan outdoor activities you can do together, such as an evening walk or a bike ride. You might also try to refrain from making negative comments about your own and other people’s body shape and structure. This conveys crucial lessons about body image and acceptance to your child.
  • Anger Management- Is your youngster prone to losing their cool, tantrums, or crying out of frustration? What are your thoughts? You may teach your child how to deal with stress, anger, and broken spirits by modeling it. We live in a fast-paced, demanding, and stressful society and rage is a normal response. Try to stay calm the next time you’re confronted with a problem, take a deep breath, and talk it out. If it’s appropriate, tell your youngster what made you angry and how you handled it. When your child gets angry, they will learn to take a step back and consider their reactions.
  • Attitude to Learning-Your child is more likely to have a favorable attitude toward school and learning if you make education feel engaging and fun. You could, for example, study a language or a craft like knitting or painting, or read about a new topic. And while you’re doing it, why not engage in some reading? It’s an excellent technique to motivate your child to read.
  • Technology adaptability- Your usage of technology sends strong messages to your child about the importance of technology in your household. Walking around with your phone, for example, gives the message to your youngster that your phone is highly important to you. However, browsing through social media and then going for a family dinner delivers the message that social media is only one way to relax and not to be taken as an addiction.

Keep in mind that teaching by example is often easier and more effective than intimidating, threatening, or persuading youth to obey rules.

We’ve gone through some of the basic behaviors that parents can showcase to their children in this blog, but there are so many more! It’s also not about being flawless. It’s being aware that your words and actions are being seen and emulated by your children.

Life teaches us many lessons through everyday experiences. Let’s all pledge to be the better versions of ourselves for youngsters to follow.

Gigadocs wishes you all a Happy Teachers Day 2021! 

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