International Day for Girls and Women in Science: Role of Girls and Women in the STEM fields

International Day for Girls and Women in Science: Role of Girls and Women in the STEM Fields.

Men still heavily dominate two of the most rewarding STEM fields, engineering, and computer science.

Despite a skills shortage in most technological fields, women account for only 28 percent of engineering graduates and 40 percent of computer science and informatics graduates. This is according to the UNESCO Science Report.

Similarly, women founders of start-ups continue to face barriers to financing, and they remain underrepresented in leadership and technical positions in large tech companies. They are also more likely than men to leave the tech industry—the major motivator being a lack of career opportunity. Nevertheless, corporate attitudes toward women are changing. Research shows that having a diverse workforce increases investor confidence, diversity, and inclusion.

Did you know?

  • WWII saw women fighting neck to neck at the war front and at home.
  • During WWII, 350,000 women served in the armed forces as nurses, truck drivers, laboratory technicians, parachutists, radio operators, photo analysts, flew military planes across the country, and test-flew newly repaired planes.
  • Bletchley Park was the primary location for British cryptanalysts during World War II. Women made up roughly 75% or 8,000 of the workforce. The “Ultra” intelligence developed at Bletchley Park cut the war by about two years.
  • Six of the ten women working at Bletchley Park were flyers. They were members of the British Armed Forces. 
  • Women account for 33.3 percent of all researchers. They make up only 12 percent of members of national science academies. However, it is the women who receive smaller research grants than men.
  • Only one in every five professionals (22 percent) in cutting-edge fields such as artificial intelligence (AI) are women.
  • Female researchers have shorter, lower-paying careers. Their work is underrepresented in prestigious journals, and they are frequently overlooked for advancement.

International Day for Girls and Women in Science

The UN General Assembly declared 11 February 2015 as the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. This day seeks to achieve equal access and participation in science for women and girls and advance gender equality in overall empowerment.

This Day serves as a reminder that women and girls play an important role in science and technology communities and encourage their participation. Giving women equal opportunities to pursue and thrive in STEM careers contributes to closing the gender pay gap, improving women’s economic security, ensuring a diverse and talented STEM workforce, and preventing biases in these fields and the products and services they produce.

Healthcare and Women’s Empowerment

Women’s access to healthcare and ability to achieve good health are indicators of gender equality and the fulfillment of women’s human rights. Due to preference for a son, healthcare and immunization coverage for girls in India are lower, regardless of socioeconomic factors. Investing in women’s health can benefit both their health and gender equality. Gender equity and women’s rights can be promoted through gender-responsive health interventions and health systems.

Keeping women healthy necessitates approaches to reducing sexual and physical violence, which one in every three women experiences in her lifetime. Improvement Women’s and girls’ health thus increases the returns on educational investment and is linked to their lifetime earnings, primarily through increased representation in the paid labor force, greater economic empowerment, increased productivity, and longevity.

Gigadocs wishes all its patrons a Happy International Day for Girls and Women in Science and urges all the readers to promote girls and women into the science stream.

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