Doctors are Life Savers: let’s Honour them this National Doctors’ Day 2021

Doctors save lives, but their value extends much further. Doctors’ contribution to human health is unparalleled since they save lives and make a difference by assisting patients in alleviating pain, speeding up the recovery process, or helping them to cope with a disabling injury. A doctor applies their comprehensive knowledge to identify a medical condition […]

How to Identify Deaf-Blindness among the Infants, Toddlers, Youth, and the Elderly

Deaf-blindness is a rare condition impairing a person’s sense of hearing and vision, restricting their ability to access auditory and visual information. It is also known as “multi-sensory impairment” or “dual sensory loss.” A deaf-blind individual isn’t always completely deaf and blind; however, both senses are impaired enough to cause substantial problems in daily living. […]

How do Family Doctors Help in Covid Pandemic Management?

We all have had family doctors whom we have consulted for every health issue. Needless to say, that family doctors have been and will be the backbone of health care. They have patients among all age groups- from toddlers to elders in their 90s, and they typically see the same patients for years. Family doctors […]

Fighting Coronavirus- Online Video Doctor Consultation or Telephone Consultation Which One you Should Choose?

The current COVID-19 pandemic with over 4 million active cases has rapidly altered general healthcare practices changing the way health-care is accessed and delivered to ensure coronavirus infectivity is restricted to a minimum. One of these changes is increasing the ability for general practice consultations to be conducted via telehealth consultation (Phone Consult), or as a Virtual […]

E-Healthcare & Virtual Consultation- Services Offered and Service Delivery Methods

Virtual Consultation has redefined healthcare as an effective way to alleviate the ongoing strain on hospitals battling with the Coronavirus pandemic. Telemedicine offers a safe digital consultation to patients at the comfort of their homes through a secure video or phone format. Digital consultation is offered by E-Healthcare apps like Gigadocs practice management software for chronic and non-chronic […]

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