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Coronavirus: What are the Do’s and Don’ts of Covid Vaccination?

It’s natural to be anxious about having the COVID-19 vaccine, particularly with reports of side effects. However, with more people becoming vaccinated every day, it’s critical to review the dos and don’ts after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. To assist, we will focus on the precautions to take before and after receiving the COVID vaccine.

The Do’s of Covid vaccination-

  1. Follow the recommended time intervals between two COVID vaccine doses – Covishield and Covaxin, the two COVID vaccines available in India, each require two doses to be fully vaccinated. Both vaccines have distinct suggested time gaps between doses to ensure that the vaccine works as effectively as possible. Your body requires time to become accustomed to the vaccine after receiving the first dose, which can take weeks. As a result, it’s best to schedule the second dose after at least four weeks for Covaxin and six weeks for Covishield.
  2. Prepare for side effects- It is normal to experience slight fever, body pains, chills, and weariness after getting vaccinated — if not all of these, then at least some of them. Some people report feeling nauseous and dizzy after receiving the vaccine and severe discomfort in their arms. On the other hand, experts have regularly stated not to worry about the COVID vaccine’s side effects. These side effects signal that your body is naturally reacting to the vaccine, which is necessary to function correctly. These are merely after-effects rather than side-effects.
  3. Accept the available vaccine: Avoid “vaccine shopping” and accept any vaccine given to you. You may believe that one vaccine is better than the others, but in reality, all aim to fight the pandemic.
  4. Wear a mask or face covering: Even if you have been vaccinated, others around you may not be, and you can catch the Coronavirus from them. Masks have been shown to decrease the spread of COVID-19 virus particles. Hence don’t forget your facemask while going out.
  5. Wait 15 minutes post-vaccination: Most vaccine providers will ask you to stay in the clinic for 15 minutes after being vaccinated, even if you’re feeling well, to monitor any immediate or severe side effects.
  6. Talk to your doctor about any pre-existing health conditions: Ask your doctor if getting the vaccine is safe for you if you have comorbidities or take prescription drugs. You may be unable to take the COVID-19 vaccine if you have allergies, autoimmune diseases, are pregnant, or take medicines that suppress your immune system.
  7. Wear a loose dress: The shot goes in your shoulder, so wear a loose dress, which has a short sleeve, it’s easier on the provider and a more pleasant experience for you.
  8. Reschedule if you are unwell- Reschedule your Covid vaccination appointment if you’re due for the vaccine but are experiencing Covid symptoms or have come in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.
  9. Wait for 90 days: If you have contracted mild covid, doctors advise you to follow a cooling period of 90 days (3 months) before getting your Covid vaccine shot.

The Don’ts of Covid vaccination

  1. Take a selfie: Don’t take a selfie to share it on social media. Flashing your vaccination card around could invite scammers. Posting a photo exposes you to identity theft as the vaccine certificates contain personal information like full name and birth date.
  2. Loose or throw your vaccine card:  Your vaccine certifications are important. You might have to show your provider the timestamp on it when you go for a second shot. In addition, public locations, and modes of transportation like airports may begin to check COVID-19 vaccine certification to access their services.
  3. Take OTC medicines before vaccination: Experts advise against the use of Ibuprofen, aspirin, and acetaminophen before vaccination. They potentially reduce the effectiveness of your dose. Consult your doctor before taking any OTC medications.
  4. Delay to report adverse effects: If you suffer symptoms after receiving your vaccine, regardless of how insignificant you believe they are, do not hesitate to report them. The authorities can use this information to track side effects and monitor severe adverse reactions. It also supports the formulation of future vaccines.
  5. Don’t rush for your gym/ exercise regimen: Avoid strenuous workouts and exercises if you’re experiencing frequent muscle aches, weariness, or weakness. Pay attention to your body’s signals. Get as much sleep to recover quickly from the COVID vaccine’s side effects. Your immune system has to relax as much as possible, to gain the vaccine’s benefits. You can go for a brief walk and some mild exercise if you don’t have any muscle soreness.
  6. Don’t consume alcohol after the COVID-19 vaccine: According to experts, alcohol should not be consumed following your first vaccine shot, or better until both doses are complete. Besides, it is recommended to wait a week or two before drinking alcohol to allow the body to adjust to the effects of the COVID vaccination. The side effects might be severe, especially after the second dosage. Aside from the regular vaccine side effects of exhaustion, fever, disorientation, and muscular aching, the additional effects of alcohol would increase your body’s stress, which could be exhausting.

Seeing your Doctor on Gigadocs

It is more important than ever to pay attention to your body and take better care of it than usual. If you feel like doing nothing except lying in bed, go ahead and do it. Even after your vaccine dose, wear masks and exercise social distancing. We at Gigadocs strongly advise you to follow the prescribed protocols, processes, and safeguards to assure you and your family’s wellbeing. If you experience serious after-effects don’t delay booking your doctor consultation on the Gigadocs app.

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