How to Identify Deaf-Blindness among the Infants, Toddlers, Youth, and the Elderly

Deaf-blindness is a rare condition impairing a person’s sense of hearing and vision, restricting their ability to access auditory and visual information. It is also known as “multi-sensory impairment” or “dual sensory loss.” A deaf-blind individual isn’t always completely deaf and blind; however, both senses are impaired enough to cause substantial problems in daily living. […]

World Braille Day: Vision Loss, Symptoms and Preventive Tips

Going blind is one of the greatest fears’ that patients with eye diseases fear across the world. Slowing down the entire process begins with understanding the causes, symptoms, preventive measures, and available treatments. Partial or Total Vision loss affects about 300 to 400 million globally, of this 80% of vision loss affects seniors alone.   Vision loss, […]

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