World Heart Rhythm Week: Listen what your Heart is Telling You

It just takes 30 seconds to do a basic pulse check – that tells you the health of your heart! In many countries, arrhythmia (an abnormal heart rhythm) is the major cause of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), killing more people each year than lung cancer, breast cancer, and AIDS together. We can collectively avoid eighty percent […]

How do Family Doctors Help in Covid Pandemic Management?

We all have had family doctors whom we have consulted for every health issue. Needless to say, that family doctors have been and will be the backbone of health care. They have patients among all age groups- from toddlers to elders in their 90s, and they typically see the same patients for years. Family doctors […]

Addressing Causes of Hypertension During the Covid Pandemic

Hypertension (high blood pressure)- a common condition seen across the elderly, may escalate to complicated health problems like heart disease or a stroke.   Hypertension is caused by the narrowing of the arteries, accompanied by a higher pumping of the heart. A blood pressure reading is recorded in millimeters of mercury (mm Hg) in two parameters- […]

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