Why Safe Abortion and Contraception Use are Essential to Inclusive Healthcare?

The right to contraception access, family planning, and other reproductive care is every woman’s basic human right. There is no better opportunity to recognize the importance of family planning in people’s lives all around the world than on September 26th, World Contraception Day, and September 28th, International Safe Abortion Day. What are Contraceptives Contraceptives allow women […]

Celebrating National Parents Day 2021: Medicare for Parents of NRI’s

Parents play a pivotal guiding role in a child’s life, creating the foundation of care indispensable to raising children. They teach them important life lessons, defend them, and make many sacrifices for them without the hope of anything in return. To honor parents’ existence in our lives, every year on the fourth Sunday in July, […]

How is Digital Consultation Transforming Healthcare?

The current seasonal change from winter to spring to summer invite seasonal diseases like flu, stomach infections and body aches.  Telemedicine consultation empowers you to seek answers to all your health-related questions, medical advice, or an opinion or diagnosis in just a few clicks without stepping out from your home.   E-Healthcare apps like Gigadocs offer […]

World Disability Day: Universal Healthcare for the Disabled

Disability affects one in seven people worldwide. About 15% of the world’s population is a victim of disability which includes more than 90 million children and over 700 million adults.   A global public health and human rights concern, disabled people are one of the most discriminated, who often experience violence, insufficient food availability, unemployment, and […]

World Antibiotics Awareness Week: Addressing Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotics are medicines available over the counter (OTC) or on a prescription basis that helps in fighting off infections caused by bacteria. Antibiotics kill bacteria at root alternatively restrict them from reproducing themselves.   Antibiotics are prescriptive medications against-   Whooping cough   Strep throat Sinus infections Dental infections Skin infections Meningitis infections Kidney infections […]

World Patient Safety Day: Caring for Patient Healthcare During the Covid-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has bought huge challenges in providing uninterrupted patient care. Healthcare workers globally are facing psychological and emotional disturbances, violence, stigma, illness, and even death. In extreme situations, working in stressful environments can lead to stress-induced errors which can lead to patient harm. The pandemic has redefined the critical aspects of patient safety […]

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