Celebrating National Parents Day 2021: Medicare for Parents of NRI’s

Parents play a pivotal guiding role in a child’s life, creating the foundation of care indispensable to raising children. They teach them important life lessons, defend them, and make many sacrifices for them without the hope of anything in return. To honor parents’ existence in our lives, every year on the fourth Sunday in July, […]

Doctors are Life Savers: let’s Honour them this National Doctors’ Day 2021

Doctors save lives, but their value extends much further. Doctors’ contribution to human health is unparalleled since they save lives and make a difference by assisting patients in alleviating pain, speeding up the recovery process, or helping them to cope with a disabling injury. A doctor applies their comprehensive knowledge to identify a medical condition […]

How do Family Doctors Help in Covid Pandemic Management?

We all have had family doctors whom we have consulted for every health issue. Needless to say, that family doctors have been and will be the backbone of health care. They have patients among all age groups- from toddlers to elders in their 90s, and they typically see the same patients for years. Family doctors […]

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