Why is data privacy important in healthcare?

Data Protection Day: Why is data privacy important in healthcare?

Trust is one of the cornerstones of the healthcare system. Patients must believe that the individuals and institutions delivering them care have their best interests in mind. When visiting a doctor, patients frequently divulge information about themselves that they might not otherwise. Patients must have faith that their healthcare provider won’t provide that information to others without their consent, including pharmaceutical corporations, other healthcare professionals, or nosy relatives.

Trust between patients and medical professionals is vital. Patients are more inclined to seek the care they require or follow their doctor’s advice when they have confidence that their information will be kept private. Following medical guidance can help prevent the spread of some diseases and relieve the burden on the healthcare system.

Data Protection in Healthcare

The Data Protection Bill 2021 defines “health data” as sensitive personal data as records about the past, present, or future physical or mental health of the data principal, data obtained during registration for, or delivery of, health services, and data connected to the data principal to the delivery of particular health services.

Several laws and guidelines govern the privacy of patient data, which Healthcare companies must compile to avoid fines and penalties. This month, on January 28, we observe Data Protection Day, also known as Data Privacy Day. For your health security, we have compiled health information and medical privacy rules in this article-

What are the benefits of data privacy in healthcare?

For several reasons, data privacy in healthcare is essential. It is imperative to build trust with patients and customers. How to consider this-

The health provider’s confidentiality of a patient’s health-related information is crucial to maintaining their faith in them. A patient divulges private information to a doctor more readily than others. However, the confidence would diminish if healthcare organizations were known for disclosing information about their patients, such as sharing test findings with people’s employers or providing pharmaceutical companies with patient data for marketing purposes. There may be a decrease in the likelihood of patients approaching doctors with health issues. Delaying diagnosis and treatment may make treating or curing a condition more challenging.

Telehealth and Healthcare Data privacy

When visiting a doctor’s office is not an option, patients can still see their providers through telehealth visits. A video call, phone call, or text message between a patient and a clinician includes in a telehealth service. Telehealth consultations may be practical for patients; however, a risk is always ripe, causing privacy issues.

Best Healthcare Data Privacy Practices

During the pandemic, the environment for data privacy in healthcare has undergone a substantial change. Data protection in the healthcare industry has gained prominence due to increased online information sharing and digitized data transfers. Digital healthcare has caused sensitive information to be uploaded to the on-site, cloud, and third-party systems, making it easier for online transactions and interactions.

Today, as digitalization spreads quickly, data breaches and cyberattacks have increased significantly, posing a greater risk to patient information, explaining why the healthcare industry needs maximum data privacy.

Data Privacy with Gigadocs

When you schedule a doctor’s appointment, request prescription medication, or register for surgery, you provide vital information to healthcare institutions, even if you’re unaware! For instance- when you schedule an appointment to receive antibiotics, you also provide healthcare organizations with information about your current diet, the type of medication, and health concerns.

For the patients’ protection, all sensitive information needs to be protected. As responsible healthcare providers, we at Gigadocs guarantee that all users’ data is secure while using our app. We strictly enforce compliance concerning data storage and sharing with outside vendors for related services like medical testing. Send us a message or download the Gigadocs app- to learn how we secure your sensitive data. Access the app from-

● IOS App – apple.co/2W2iG4V

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To know more e-mail, at info@gigadocs.com

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