Diwali Burn Care: First Aid Tips for a Happy Diwali 2020

Diwali, the five-day celebration brings along Diwali decorations, Diwali lights, and get-togethers. The risk of burns and accidental injuries multiply during the festival of lights. Diwali related burns may be caused by the lightening of Diwali diyas, accidental fires at the place of cooking, or bursting firecrackers without any safety precautions. Diwali fires may lead to severe […]

World Patient Safety Day: Caring for Patient Healthcare During the Covid-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has bought huge challenges in providing uninterrupted patient care. Healthcare workers globally are facing psychological and emotional disturbances, violence, stigma, illness, and even death. In extreme situations, working in stressful environments can lead to stress-induced errors which can lead to patient harm. The pandemic has redefined the critical aspects of patient safety […]

Why Should You Care for Food Safety During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

The pace at which Coronavirus transmits has made everyone wonder, how it has spread like a wildfire. There exist unanswered questions, like does the COVID-19 virus transmit through food, what food safety precautions must be taken at the grocery stores or the kitchen? COVID-19 pandemic spreads from person-to-person through respiratory droplets released in the air […]

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