What causes Encephalitis Viral and Inflammation of the Brain?

Encephalitis or brain inflammation swells up the active tissues of the brain. Encephalitis may be bacterial or viral caused by an infection or our body’s autoimmune response when it mistakenly produces antibodies that attack our own immunity. Encephalitis is often accompanied by a stiff neck, mental confusion, headache, sensitivity to light, and seizures. Encephalitis can […]

Why Chronic Lower Back Pain and Knee Pain Gets Worse in Winters?

Winters are one of the most-awaited seasons of the year, marked with constant temperature dips. The season marks wearing your favorite woolens and having winter-special food. However, winters also bring tough times for those who have chronic pain. Lower temperatures can make it tough to cope up with the excruciating pain thereby adding to adversaries. Temperature fluctuations, […]

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