Diwali Burn Care: First Aid Tips for a Happy Diwali 2020

Diwali, the five-day celebration brings along Diwali decorations, Diwali lights, and get-togethers.¬†The risk of burns and accidental injuries multiply during the festival of lights.¬†Diwali related burns may be caused by the lightening of Diwali diyas, accidental fires at the place of cooking, or bursting firecrackers without any safety precautions. Diwali fires may lead to severe […]

How Important is Universal Access to Medical Information to fight Covid-19?

One’s health, wellbeing, disease management is all dependent on the availability of information and access to it. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made the dissemination of science-based essential health information a basic human right. Acknowledging the importance of universal access to information that people need to know, the International Day for Universal Access to Information is […]

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