How to Choose the Best Hand Wash

How to Choose the Best Hand Wash this Global Hand Washing Day?

We touch a lot of commonly used surfaces every day, like door handles, ATMs, cellphone, doorknobs, elevator buttons, and so on, have you ever wondered how many viruses and infections it may bring to you? With its high infectivity rate Covid-19 has made frequently used surfaces even more dangerous. Any viruses that survive on these surfaces may get transferred to your hands. From there to your internal system via your face, which you may touch a least 23 times in an hour!

This makes handwashing so important!

Fighting Covid-19 with Global Handwashing Day

COVID-19 pandemic reminds us that following hygienic practices is one of the most effective ways to stop the infection spread. Global Handwashing Day encourages us to observe frequent handwashing habits which goes a long way to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, besides preventing serious diarrheal illnesses, respiratory infections like the seasonal cold or flu.

To celebrate the spirit of handwashing, Global Handwashing Day is observed across the world on October 15th. This date traces back to 2008 is marked to help communities and leaders spread the word about the correct way of handwashing at a global, regional, and national level.

It must be noted that many germs spread when individuals don’t wash their hands with disinfectant soap and clean water. This makes handwashing assume primal importance especially after you have used the washroom, prepared food, coughed, sneezed or blown your nose. Wash your hands thoroughly with water and soap after coming from outside, if you are outside use sanitizer and keep your hands dry, moist hands attract 1000 times more bacteria than dry and clean hands.

Preventing Body Infections with Foaming Hand Wash

Here are one some of the interesting facts about handwashing observed globally-

  • Only 20% of individuals wash their hands after using the washroom.  
  • An average office worker’s hands come in contact with 10 million bacteria daily.
  • One can avoid about 50% of hospital-acquired infections if they follow hand hygiene protocols.
  • Contaminated hands can transfer the virus to over five surfaces or ten objects.  
  • If your hands are damp, then beware they spread 1000 times more bacteria than dry and clean hands.
  • The bacteria around you can stay alive for up to three hours, thus explains why handwashing is considered to be primally important.  
  • Handwashing can reduce the percentage of diarrhea contamination by about 25–40%
  • It can reduce gastrointestinal illness-related school absenteeism by 25–55%
  • Handwashing can control Diarrhoea based GI illness by 55% among people who have weak immune systems.
  • Minimize respiratory illnesses by 15-20%  

Organic hand wash for the Kids

Germs, bacteria, and viruses included are microscopic which cannot be seen by naked eyes. These bacteria survive in our cell phone covers, combs, and so on. Frequent handwashing assures that these germs do not harm you.

While using alcohol-based hand sanitizers, be cautious when you are using them with children. If your children are left unsupervised, alcohol-based sanitizers may cause alcohol poisoning if ingested. Keep the containers away from the reach of children.

The Need of Antibacterial Hand Wash

You may have seen grocery stores full of antibacterial soaps, which promise immunity and fight against Covid-19. The truth remains that how effective are these antibacterial products in washing away the dirt and germs? Do you know that by using antibacterial soaps, you may be killing the normal good bacteria that is good for your wellbeing!

Often it is debated that is Antibacterial handwash better than using normal soap and water?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says that there is no proof which confirms that antiseptic soap is any better than normal soap and water. If you are wondering which is the best handwash to wash your child’s hands? The answer is warm water with normal soap and through rubbing of the hands. The regular use of soap with water is better than any sanitizer gels, rinses, and hand sanitizers. However, when your child’s hands are visibly dirty and there is no sink available around hand rubs sanitizers can prove to be a good alternative.

Dangers of Using Hand Wash Liquid Often

Can handwashes be dangerous? Yes, is the answer they can leave you with a lot of skin cracks and leave them dry. If you have chapped hands be cautious about how you wash your hands and how frequently use the sanitizers. Washing your hands too frequently vital to fight off the germs. For healthy hands use a moisturizer to keep your hands soft and healthy.

If you are wondering how to assess if you have been over washing, then watch out for itching or flaky skin, red, raw skin, accompanied by pain. Reach out to a skincare specialist for skin cracks on the Gigadocs practice management app. Don’t ignore the skin flakes, consult experienced skin experts for skin dryness from the privacy of your home on Gigadocs, available on the Playstore and Appstore.

For your wellbeing don’t forget to wash your hands:

  1. Before and after contact with an ill person.
  2. After you have used toilet paper or changed the baby diapers.  
  3. After playing with your pets and handling their waste and cleaning them.
  4. After touching wastebaskets, or house cleaning equipment.

Effective Hand Washing Steps  

Medical recommendations advise cleaning your hands for at least twenty seconds. Follow these handwashing steps for thorough cleaning-

  • Wet Hands- Wet your hands with soap. It is good to have the water temperature at around 35ºC- 45ºC.
  • Circular Rubbing- Rub your hands and fingers both anticlockwise and clockwise.
  • Wash at the Back of Hands- Use your palm to rub at the back of the hand and then swap and clean the other hand.
  • Rub your Hands and Fingers- Interlock your hands rub vigorously with your both hands and rub the back of the hands with your palms. Swap and repeat.
  • Clean the Thumbs- Clean your thumbs by enclosing your right thumb in your left fist and vice versa and then repeat the process.

After you have followed these steps, dry your hands with a clean disposable/ cotton towel.

Preventing Skin Infections with Gigadocs

Handwashing apart from protecting you from Covid-19 can also keep the skin infections at bay. It can protect you from the spread of skin infections, like rashes, eczema, measles, chickenpox, etc. Good handwashing practices are an effective way of preventing viruses and bacteria that causes hepatitis A.   

Hepatitis A is a highly contagious liver infection that spreads from contaminated food or water, handwashing can make you stay away from it in addition to saving you from sepsis which causes around six million global deaths. Follow Gigadocs a complete E-Healthcare solution for you and your family.

Book your virtual doctor for seasonal flu, toothaches, chronic infections on the Gigadocs app available to download on the play store and app store.

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