Army Day 2021: How to Stay Fit like an Indian Army Solider?

Indian Armed Force personnel stand tall and guard the country against any threat. Indian soldiers are known for their never say die attitude and highest levels of fitness and wellbeing. Even if their weapons fail their fitness and dedication toward the nation inspire many. The super-fit Indian soldiers will cover a sprint with ease or carry […]

Celebrating Youth empowerment this National Youth Day

Youth are the building blocks of a progressive nation. They can be a positive development force when empowered with the right knowledge and opportunities. Young minds contributed to about 18% of the global population (1.2 billion people) in 2019. They are the leaders of tomorrow and represent the most dynamic population segment in any country.   The […]

World Braille Day: Vision Loss, Symptoms and Preventive Tips

Going blind is one of the greatest fears’ that patients with eye diseases fear across the world. Slowing down the entire process begins with understanding the causes, symptoms, preventive measures, and available treatments. Partial or Total Vision loss affects about 300 to 400 million globally, of this 80% of vision loss affects seniors alone.   Vision loss, […]

How to Make Successful New Year Resolutions for 2021?

New Year is synonymous with new hope to become a better version of oneself than the previous year. For many of us, this is the time to reflect on the personal, professional, or physical changes we would like to beckon.   When we speak of changes, the talk of “new year resolutions” echoes loud. These resolutions […]

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